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Mesh PoE Setup


I have BT fibre running at about 130mbs, a smart hub 2 and a Cisco PoE Mesh wifi system based on WAP121s running on Cat6. I'l looking to do a full upgrade including the hub with a budget of less than £300 though that could be flexible. I have an extensive home network including NAS, PS4, printer 5 switches, all running on CAT6 with ethernet sockets readily available in all room. In total it's about 50 internet capable devices once you've counted, phones, tablets, kindles and quite a few smart blubs, sockets and Alexas (what's the plural of Alexa?, Alexae?). So I've built my current setup using small business stuff rather than things aimed at the home market, however the homemarket has really grown and the idea of having 50 internet capable things is not as crazy as it used to be.

Please can someone recommend a system with mesh wifi system that utilizes PoE, and has mac address filtering in the DHCP router (so for instance in my current system I can do mac address filtering on the wifi but not on the PS4 as it is hard wired). Basically PoE access points that work smartly (ie talk to each other to work out how much wifi  power is needed) with a good quality hub that gives me parental controls, mac filtering and guest accounts.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your answers.


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Re: Mesh PoE Setup

This isn't really the place for such advice, it is a BTRetail forum for BT related problems rather than general networking advice. Suggest you try one of the more general forums such as Kitz.

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Re: Mesh PoE Setup

Are you on FTTP?  If so then any third party router should be able to do MAC address filtering/scheduling - some have more flexible/granular parental controls than others.  Regarding PoE mesh wireless access points - for your price range I can only think of the UniFi range - these start at around £90 for a UAP-AC-LITE and go up depending on how many streams you want - I have several nanoHD and they work very well.  You can use them without a controller but it is recommended to install the controller software on a PC or you can buy a cloud key.  You could also buy a UniFi router which would then integrate with the access points on the controller dashboard.

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Re: Mesh PoE Setup

Thanks for the replies. Yes I'm on FTTP at about 130mbs. I've had a quick look at the ubiquiti stuff and it looks great. Thanks for the advice.

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