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Messages re data usage in EU

Please can anyone explain these messages I keep getting? I am in France / Switzerland and have had the usual BT_Mobile texts "Welcome to France(Switzerland). Data is 4.3p/MB (£5.00/MB in Switzerland)..." 

I am using iPhone 6. I use wifi for calls on BT SmartTalk, and for Internet. In Settings, Mobile Data is off, Mobile Data Usage says 0 bytes. All Apps are greyed out under Use Mobile Data For: I have checked my BT account and it is not showing any data usage. 


However, this trip I keep getting mobile texts from +44 7800 003902 saying "Hello, BT here. You've started using data in France (or Liechtenstein), which isn't included in your data allowance. You can either pay our standard data roaming price, or for peace of mind, buy a Europe data roaming add-on. To get 100 MB for 4 GBP, reply '100'. Or, to get 300 MB for 10 GBP, reply '300’. Your add-on lasts 30 days, unless it runs out before then. Go to goingabroad to check your options. Thanks "


Is this a scam? Or just a way to get me to pay BT for something I am not using? My partner is getting the same messages, same settings. Please advise, thanks. 

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Re: Messages re data usage in EU

I believe under Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data O|ptions > with Data Roaming on for abroad, you also have EU Internet on, which would allow you to access and pay for a local provider rather than your usual BT and is not needed now reasonable charges are made for roaming. Try turning off EU Internet but keep Data Roaming on and this may stop.

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