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Migrating away from Infinity to Sky fibre unlimited

Hello all,


BT Infinity has been pretty decent this past year, but with the price rises due in Jan, I'm strongly considering cancelling my service and moving to Sky for their Sky fibre package. I know all the fibre is managed by BT anyway, so there wont be any difference in service, and it's really more of a cost issue than a service issue. We will also be getting the HD TV package and phone bundle, and it all works out at a much better price than we are currently paying for each service separately.


Does anyone know exactly how the migration process from one FTTC ISP to another works? Is it a similar process to ADSL migrations, in which you're given a MAC code and a time period for cancellation? Or is it much more complicated to migrate on a fibre connection without a loss of service for a long period of time?


Any tips would be much appreciated.

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