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Migration / Porting from another supplier

I'm getting nowhere with this and resulting in posting here for help.

I'm currently with two separate providers for my Fibre 300mb and Landline

Fibre : Cerberus Networks

Landline : Simple Telecoms

I have had BT Openreach come and install my Fibre to the Home wallbox and it's all running on BT kit/infrastructure

Whenever I try to order the Fibre 900 option online, it fails with an error message. I've been on the phone and told to speak to the Value team. The advice is that BT currently have no migration options so that's why my order is failing.

So I'm now stuck

I would like to order Fibre 900mb package but don't know what I need to do next to proceed.

Can anyone help?


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Re: Migration / Porting from another supplier


As you are not a current BT Retail customer, this BT Retail forum cannot help, as BT Retail have nothing to do with Openreach.

All the equipment belongs to Openreach, not BT Retail.

Your provider is Cerberus Networks so you would have to speak to them about adding another fibre package, which would probably mean running a new fibre, and another ONT.

If you wanted a package from BT Retail, that would be a totally different installation.

There is another discussion here, which may be similar to yours.

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Re: Migration / Porting from another supplier

I have moved you onto the Fibre board where you may get some help, particularly if you are wanting to order fibre from BT.

You could try calling the BT Fibre Team 0800 587 4787 who may be able to help and advise you.

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Re: Migration / Porting from another supplier

UPDATE: I've managed to get my order placed through!!

Having been previously advised that there was currently no migration / porting in option available, I called up the Fibre Team and one of the helpful team has managed to put my order through.

He said that if I didn't need an engineer to install the wallbox / ONT modem, he could bypass and just put the order through.

So, I now have a switchover date arranged and my landline provider has received the transfer request.

Fingers crossed this will all go through seamlessly and I will not have any loss of service

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