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using iPad and iPhones mainly 

I’m pretty sure I have been “migrated” 

I lost a lot say 20 %  of phone numbers  in the migration as I switched from yahoo .  I spotted an answer to that the other day,  but it was to late. 
That said my iPad might still have them on it . 

Today , on the iPad    it looks like I lost all/ lot of attachments to emails :  I was looking an old one up and it shows , a comment, downloading from server .    Then fails/ circular dots 


huge numbers of emails kept , about 30/40,000       ... This was my forever file . Could it be it’s taking a long time to download everything from yahoo to bt??? 

thoughts or solutions?







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Re: Migration

You can confirm which email system you are on if you log onto your email account using a web browser. Once logged on you need to look at the BT logo and if you see Yahoo it means you have not been migrated.

See link about the migration and your email apps server settings.

See link about synching your contacts

If you have your email app on your device set up as a POP3 account it will take time to download that many emails to your devices from the BT servers particularly if there are attachments. That is assuming they are still on the servers. 

If you have the devices email app set up as an IMAP account it will also take some time to synch the emails and attachments on the server with your device.

If the emails are your "forever emails" and are only on the BT servers  and not downloaded to a device you are taking a massive risk. If you have them downloaded onto a device you can back them up as part of your backup regime, assuming you have one. If they are not backed up and for some reason BT loses them, which is not unknown, your email will be gone forever.

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Re: Migration

Hi thanks for your response 


im confused. ! 

last week I was sure I had migrated as I had to close /delete the yahoo account on iPhone and start with bt internet


so.  Checking on the computer , I still show yahoo.


so back ups...   all the attachments were there , I looked at them a couple of months ago.


i went to look today , and not loading On my i pad.


there are now 120,000 mails   3gb incoming 

I normally try and keep them on the computer by using outlook as a sort of back up. I have a sort of back up onto a different back up drive, frankly full, Bought another one, but not clear so I just copy and paste my c drive to it. Presumably taking outlook with it. 
in the process of bringing out look up to date with emails. 
for some reason never been able to put outgoing emails onto outlook . ( without deleting them from bt servers) 

I always assumed BT servers would be good for email  

I have loads of Free space with the BT cloud package, I think 1000 gb or similar , not sure how to back up emails to BT CLOUD .  I have done the photos from the I phone recently. Fast connection so no issues for time. 


any ideas of a good way to go...? 

thnks   🙂 



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Re: Migration

Are you now saying that your email is working on your iPad and downloading your emails?

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Re: Migration


sorry for the late reply 


yes it is working in the iPad 


I  currently use BTinternet. 
The  Bt yahoo service  Isn’t deleted and still calls for the password which is impossible to put in now. Hence the reason I deleted from iPhone . 


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Re: Migration

BTInternet is the email address not what system you are on. You need to establish if you are on the BTYahoo or BTMail system by checking as I suggested in message 2.

If you are using the Yahoo email app this will no longer work on your iPhone if you have previously deleted it and reinstalled it.

If you have been migrated from BTYahoo and are on the new BTMail system you can use the BTMail app or any other mail app you choose.

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Re: Migration

Hi I’m still on yahoo as per your message two 


I never used  an actual yahoo app.   Just the email app on the phone . That required a new password about a month ago which I couldn’t get it to accept.   I was told to delete the account and revitalise it.   That’s when I lost some contacts on the iPhone.  Still have them on ipad. 


The ipad still calls for me to put in a password , but not using that , I will call it , a yahoo btinternet account. 

confused? So am I.  🙂 

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Re: Migration

To set up your iPhone see this link and the bit about "How do I change my settings".

When you are setting it up on your phone, turn off your iPad and any other device that may be checking the email account for emails.

If you have deleted the email account from your iPhone at any point make sure that you re-start the phone before trying to set the email account up.

When you set it up make sure you are using the correct settings as per this link

Regarding the iPad. When you say "The ipad still calls for me to put in a password , but not using that , I will call it , a yahoo btinternet account."   What do you mean. Can you still access your email account? Do you have to enter a password first? Is it using your "new" password or did you not change it and you are using the "old" password?

When you changed your password on your iPhone how and where did you change it, was it just in the settings on the iPhone or did you first change it via the BT password change pages?


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Re: Migration

To be honest this is all over my head. 

I get mail 


the phone works 


I lost some numbers ... but nothing to do . 

I really fear if I start fiddling around, I will loose more.  

Many thanks for your time ... best I give up until the next crisis .    🙂 


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Re: Migration

Ps  I changed the password via the bt pages 


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