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Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi and YouView box

Please can anyone solve this problem for me. I have recently set a Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi with 3 discs and it is working fine. However since that time my YouView box cannot connect to the internet. The box is connected to the BT Home Hub 5 via power line adaptors. I have checked the wired connections, switched off both adaptors, simultaneously and restarted them and switched of and restarted the YouView box. Up to the time of setting up the WiFi system with discs the YouView box worked perfectly. 

Id be grateful for any help on this matter

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Re: Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi and YouView box

What powerline adaptors are you using ?
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Re: Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi and YouView box

Thanks for your reply. The power line adaptors are the ones supplied with the YouView box they are BT Broadband Extender Flex 500.

Hope this is of help.

Thanks again

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Re: Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi and YouView box

Hi DD626,

If you wish to have a wired connection to your YouView box you could connect it to one of the Mini WHW discs as each Mini disc has one Ethernet port on the back of the disc.

Alternatively you can connect your YouView box to your Mini WHW network as you do any other device.

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