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Minnie Mouse, mickey has been found at BT HQ

 We are not able to send transcript to your email any more . There’re two ways the customer can self-serve to retain a copy of the chat transcript, the customer can either select the ‘print button’ which shows on their chat window screen and/or, they can copy and paste the chat conversation into a document on their computer, they can then save the file and keep for their personal records.


so apparently live chat will not send a transcript of the conversation now.


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Re: Minnie Mouse, mickey has been found at BT HQ

As mentioned by BT. You could always have printed the transcript out or screen grabbed it at the time
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Re: Minnie Mouse, mickey has been found at BT HQ

Absolutely, I could have, but why should I have to go to any effort, I'm after all contact yourselves because you have screwed the pooch again.  IF we use amazon as a example where they also have operators who don't have english as a primary language, they are happy to send it over, in fact theres a option on the chat to have it done automatically, but then they have customer services training and a thing called accountability.


I asked for the transcript of the conversation, which the operator stated they could not send to be 'compliant' (they actually spelt it complaint).


Compliant with what? Neither the GDPR or the Data Protection act refer to it?  And the day before they could send it.

Also, the very next day a operator sent it as part of a seperate email.



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