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Mis-selling of Broadband

Has anyone else recently experienced this?


I recieved an email at the end of May saying that I should upgrade 'to avoid having to pay for my BT Sport'. I rang on the 2nd of June and was persuaded to re-sign up to Infinity (even though Sky would have worked out cheaper I couldn't bear the hassle) by the temptation of 'all of the european games will be included'. I then recieved the email on the 10th to tell me that it would cost me an extra fiver to have 'all of the european games'.


Spoke to BT immediately to cancel my upgrade and was told 'we couldn't have know 8 days ago that we would charge for this and it'll take up to 14 days to cancel your upgrade'!


I've also sent an email to cancel but am frustrated that:


1. they're upgrading people without making clear the imminent change of offer

2. it takes 24 hours to upgrade but 14 days to cancel said upgrade to revert to previous package in order to get MAC code and leave!


After 10 years and numerous problems with BT this is sort of the straw that has broken the camel's back..... 

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Re: Mis-selling of Broadband

Hi karldower,


Thanks for your post and welcome back!


Sorry that you received the email saying "upgrade now to avoid paying for BT Sport" and that you're now being billed £5 per month.


We all knew that changes were happening with BT Sport season 3.  What we didn't know before 9th June was the pricing structure and if there was going to be a charge associated with BT Sport during season 3.  From reading your post, I assume that you watch BT Sport on the Sky Digital Platform.


The price for BT Sport season 3 customers, with their BT Broadband in contract, is £5 per month.  If your broadband wasn't in contract the monthly rental would be £5 & £6.75 (£11.75).


If you would like to discuss this further you'll be able to see our contact link in my profile under the "about me" section.  You'll find it by clicking on my username.  Fill in the form and when you reach the top of the queue one of the guys will be in touch.





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