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Misleading sales call, giving impression being offered a 'freebie'!

I have been contacted several times by BT to try to get me to upgrade tp BT Infinity, usually wanting a charge for an engineer but this time they didnt, only on postage for a new hub so I agreed. I was aksed how much I used my landline in the day & I advised I hardly ever used it . The lady said that she was offering me a free upgrade to Infinity and would include unlimited free daytime calls so I agreed. It wasnt until I looked at the order confirmation she e mailed that I realised there's actually a £5 p/m charge for unimited calls!! So thats not 'included' its been charged!! Also I was not given a choice of package, I want the unlimited Infinity 1 not 2. I find this very misleading 😞

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Re: Misleading sales call, giving impression being offered a 'freebie'!

You have the right to cancel up to the date of installation, phone BT and cancel or at least have them change the order to what you want.


Link to contact BT

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