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Misleading ways in which to lure customers to BT Infinity and then not be able to get it

Infinty was enabled for my exchange in Dec 2010 and I understand the requirements for FTTC.  My complaint is regarding the misleading information and sales/marketing materials that I continue to be sent for which after several direct complaints to BT have now caused me to resort to the Communications Ombudsman.


When the service launched locally I received unwanted and unsolicited phone calls to sell me the service.  On checking the website I was unable to receive the service.  I complained to BT to stop calling me trying to sell me something that I couldn't have.


Sales calls stopped - but they are obliged to do this under the Telephone Preference Service obligations.


Throughout the year I have been checking the availability checker and at the point where it stated I could receive Infinity, I proceeded to the order process but had to stop when it requested a MAC.  I couldn't call my ISP immediately but got my MAC at the earliest opportunity to complete the order process.  I tried but at this point I was now told I couldn't get it but it would be available the following month on xxth date.  


I duly checked the page on the date specified only to see that it had advanced yet another month and I should 'register my interest'.  So I did.  And I repeated this process for about 3 month during which I complained to BT that this was akin to misselling as it would have been possible for me to start the migration process only to find that they wouldn't offer me Infinity but BT Broadband instead which is no faster than what I currently have plus a lot more expensive.


I have raised all these issues 3 or 4 times with BT throughout 2011 the most recent conversation of which was that I was 'going live' on 25 August and was assured that this was true.


Low and behold it was.  On the date specified I was able to receive BT Infinity.  Finally..... so I started the order process but called my existing ISP up for my MAC before starting the order process..........."There is a technical problem wrong with our website please try again later".   That was last night 26/8/11 on the day in which it said I could get Infinity.


So I start the process again this morning to place my order and now I am told I can't get the service and to "register my interest".  Now either BT is one of the most incompetent companies ever to exist or it is deliberately attempting to attract customers under false pretences.  This must be illegal since what would have happened if I had successfully placed my original order and them not provide what they said they could.


Additionally this has been going on since December 2010 and it's now almost September 2011 and frankly I am sick of the stupid games this dinosaur of a company is trying to play on its customers.


Therefore if anyone else is experiencing this type of **bleep** service or misleading information, I urge you to do what I have and report BT to Trading Standards and the Communications Ombudsman (Otelo).  If you want to join with me in a class action complaint then feel free to reply.


I have wasted so much time and energy over this that frankly it looks like I will stay on a measily 3Mb/sec for the next decade because we don't have a telecommunications company in this country that can communicate effectively and I believe has dubious ways in which to attract customers.


For any BT employee that reads this:  I have all the screen shots, emails and other evidence to provide but you don't give our an actual email address that I can attach files to.  Very convenient.

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Re: Misleading ways in which to lure customers to BT Infinity and then not be able to get it

Sounds as if you've had a bit of a run around, have you tired other ISP's that offer FTTC to see what they say about if you can or not get FTTC??????. If you get no joy there then drop an email to Sir Ian Livingston CEO of BT, who has a team to look into problems like this.

As far as phone calls and mail from BT everybody suffers from that me including asking me to have infinity which I've already got


iechyd da 

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Re: Misleading ways in which to lure customers to BT Infinity and then not be able to get it

Hi Eurisko


I can have this investigated for you.


Send us an email using the contact us form in my profile. We can arrange arrange to have those screen shots looked at afterwards to investigate why you have received so much conflicting information.





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Re: Misleading ways in which to lure customers to BT Infinity and then not be able to get it

Yes it has most certainly been a runaround.


Since I suspected this was going to be a BT tactic I kept screen shots of when every month they extended the date by yet another month.  Once month, they even extended it by a couple of weeks then to resume the normal rubbish of misinformation.


Now I've requested my MAC for the second time and for no benefit whatsoever other than to be offered 6 months free.  Well that's some consolation as it's better than anything than I have got from BT.


They can't even handle the complaints because they believe their own propoganda.  "Oh sir, you will get it on xx/xx/xx as the website says so" or "Yes sir, that's terrible and you've had an awful experience and I will personally get someone from the Infinity department to contact you" and guess what - it never happened.


Some providers are testing FTTC but that's perhaps another year away.


This so stinks of when BT had the interest groups to enable exchanges in 2002/3 when you needed to get enough votes to get enabled.  However the stench of corrupt sales tactics and incompetence is worse in 2011.

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Re: Misleading ways in which to lure customers to BT Infinity and then not be able to get it

I look forward to hearing from you so that I can get this matter sorted. I have followed your instructions.

However I don't know how much more of this bull I can bear since absolutely no one has been able to help or indeed provide a satisfactory explanation.

Maybe it will be you Stuart.
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Re: Misleading ways in which to lure customers to BT Infinity and then not be able to get it

Complaint link sent shows invalid parameter error.  So can't do anything at the moment.  However I thought that I would look at the checker again and guess what!!!???


I should be able to get it on 21 September 2011 - just like every other month this year!!!  


Here's the proof for today:BT-Infinity-040911.jpg

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Re: Misleading ways in which to lure customers to BT Infinity and then not be able to get it

Here's the history of the misleading information put up on the website.  At one point I was IN the order process but could not proceed because I needed my MAC.  When I got it (the MAC) I could no longer get Infinity.  Only took screen shots since June and have made 4 formal complaints (since December) to no solution but them believing their own propoganda and agents saying what you want to hear and nothing really ever changes.


Told I could get it in June 2011.  This was the result:




Could not complete order as when I got my MAC I couldn't get it anymore.


Told I could get it in July 2011




Get it in August 2011:




This is what I got on 26 August 2011




27 August 2011 YIPPEE!!  -> I contact my ISP for my MAC - Attempt to get the order processed:



So try to order day later when website will work - NO BT INFINITY OPTION:




And it would appear that they only have the one guy Stuart who seems to give a **bleep** about it but is away for a few days.  So nothing gets done.


So I did a check tonight (just before posting this) and now I apparently should be able to get it on 21 September.  However since I have been fobbed off with this all year and no satisfaction from the complaints I've raised, I've raised the issue with the Ombudsman and complained to Trading Standards.



It will be interesting what happens on 21st September since this is effectively a blog of my entire nightmare with BT as a company and that my exchange is enabled but for some reason they insist on messing me about (and my neighbours) regarding the local cabinet.


Service is sh*te.



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Re: Misleading ways in which to lure customers to BT Infinity and then not be able to get it



You have a bad time but you can do a bit to help yourself. Rather than looking at the BT Retail line checker go to the source that works from which is the BT Wholesale Checker at BT Retail are one of many isps who resell the BT Wholesale product and get no preferential treatment so if you think of them as seperate companies it helps - blame Ofcom for that not BT. 


The Wholesale line checker controls to whole process and no order from any isp will be accepted until that shows you can order. Neither BT Wholesale or their supplier BT Openreach, who install the cabinets, explain why a cabinet is delayed or exactly when a cabinet will be commissioned and offered for sale. Things can and do go wrong from problems in getting planning, installing the box and electronics, running power and the fibre it all takes some weeks or months. A snag in any of those causes delays add to that the fact that BT have slipped on the FTTC project overall and are also now being much more cautious in estimating dates which has meant many people have seen dates go back even when there are no particular problems with the cabinet they will be connected to. Some cabinets have had problems after commissioning and been temporarily withdrawn again until these are sorted out- this may have happened to yours by the look of it.


Added up it means a cabinet is ready when its ready which is frustrating for end users but a fact of life. If you want Infinity check the line checker weekly when it says you can order get your MAC code and call BT Retail - web ordering works but the sales line seems more reliable. Its happened to most of us on this forum welcome to the club. Most people say it is worth the effort though.



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Re: Misleading ways in which to lure customers to BT Infinity and then not be able to get it

There is quite a lot of FTTC resellers that are happily supplying FTTC now, in fact it's only Sky and Be/O2 who are dragging their feet.


Zen, IDnet, Plusnet, Talk Talk etc etc are all supplying FTTC and will happily take orders.

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Re: Misleading ways in which to lure customers to BT Infinity and then not be able to get it

No reseller will take an order until Openreach have released the cabinet. They are all in the same boat.

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