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Missed Appointments

We have now had 6 appointments booked since joining on 3/6/2020.  So far only 1 engineer has shown up and I have little faith that anyone will show today.  We have had working internet for 1 and a half days and apparently if we want to quit we have to pay you over £300!! This is an absolute joke.  Supposed to have a call from a manager at 10am today but nobody called. Either this all gets sorted today or you need to give us all our money back and let us exit the contract.  BT is in breach of contract given that we are paying for a service we are not receiving.  

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Re: Missed Appointments

Hi @Cburnha7991 that's not good at all. I'm so sorry about your recent experience with BT, it's not acceptable that you've had that many missed appointments and the fault is still ongoing. I really hope the engineer visit happens today and they get you connected but if you need any assistance the moderation team will be happy to help.

I'll send you a private message so you can send over your details if you need any help with this. You'll find the private message by clicking on the envelope in the top right of the community. 



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