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Missed FTTP installation appointment

We had an afternoon appointment yesterday for our long awaited FTTP installation but nobody came despite receiving numerous texts/emails and automated phone call reminders from BT stating we must be in. We had no contact from anyone to say that the engineer was not after all going to arrive and after contacting BT we have been told the engineer posted at 8:45 pm yesterday that it was too dark to attend. He did not however let us know anything and did not visit to at least connect our hub inside our house which would have been something! Although we have obviously raised a complaint which should get us an automatic £25 refund what we really want is Openreach to attend for a morning appointment early next week to do what they have agreed they were contracted to do. We keep being told nobody in BT can talk to someone in Openreach and must wait for the next available appointment which is in May. We are eligible for that to be expedited because our current unreliable copper broadband hovers around 2 M/bps and we have poor mobile reception so we depend on wi-fi calling. Anyone any idea how we can be get an early appointment and ensure the engineer arrives with everything to complete the job? A Kelly Communications engineer arrived last week to our neighbour without a ladder suitable for electricity poles which we all require here.

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Re: Missed FTTP installation appointment

try phoning the FTTP TEAM 08005874787 and see if they can help you

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Re: Missed FTTP installation appointment

Thank you but that is who we have been speaking to for months and they say they can't/won't transfer us to a manager or do anything except wait for Openreach to contact them.

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