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Missing HD Channels Youview

Suddenly missing channels 106, 107, 109, 110, 111, 112 and 113. Signal strength said 0%.

Retuned channels and now they don't appear at all! No problem with 101-105!? 

Any help? 

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Re: Missing HD Channels Youview

Hi @lvance1188  welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. Have you managed to get the missing channels back? If not check out Missing Freeview Channels and see if this helps you.


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Re: Missing HD Channels Youview


These channels are on the Com7 & 8 bands which I think will eventually be cleared for 5G by next year.

As such they do use a lower power output than the other bands - certainly for my transmitter which is Crystal Palace.

In general use I have 2 Panasonic TV's , 2 Youview units and a Panasonic recorder. Currently all the Panasonic devices and 1 Youview box can receive these channels but 1 Youview box can't. That's using a roof aerial.

There have been a few occasions recently that I've not been able to view these or re-tune to them on any device.

I also in my study a loft aerial which doesn't get quite the same signal strength as the roof aerial understandably.

If I connect a YV box to that I'll not get those channels , likewise with a Humax FVP-4000. But with a Panasonic HWT-150 recorder all channels are found.

If I now connect the FVP-4000 device to my main aerial it finds all those channels plus many more.

So what does that tell us?

Firstly we know that the Humax tuners are nowhere near as strong as normal TVs or other brands of recorders. Humax make the Youview boxes!

Secondly there are issues with the Com 7 & 8 bands either being low or very low power and even at times not even transmitting.

It could be that with the fluctuating power output for Com7/8 that your aerial is not able to get enough signal strength for the Youview box to find the channels on those bands.

Does any of that help?