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Re: Missing channels

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@jennifer328 wrote:

Yes,  I will try again.  Put the aerial to tv last night and no signal.   But maybe tv needed re-tuning.   I hadn't got the patience to mess about with it last night, but I'll try again and let you know.   Maybe not today, though, as I'm fed up with it.   Maybe the signal will magically return!  Who knows. 

Thansks for your help. 

OK - maybe worth a quick check at:


to see if all the channels for a particular multiplex (just a bundle of channels) are missing.


I hope you get this sorted.

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Re: Missing channels

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Re-tuned again today (28th ) and channels have returned.   I think it must have been a signal problem. 


(I don't watch mutch on the missing channels, but they have a couple of old programes that I like to tune in to.)


Thanks again.   

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