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Mixing BT 600 Hot Spots and Extenders

For reasons of connection convenience I am attempting to combine BT Hot Spot 600 and BT Extender 600 units operating from the same central BT Smart Hub. The first of each unit is directly Ethernet cabled to the Smart Hub.

The two additional Hot Spots that are plugged-in in different rooms work Ok with the farthest occasionally dropping out but re-connectable.

But I am unable to connect the Extender which I need for my smart TV.

Can these devices be mixed? or should I set-up another Hot Spot and Ethernet cable my smart TV directly to it?

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Re: Mixing BT 600 Hot Spots and Extenders

Welcome to this user forum. @CHRISSO 

You must not connect more than one master unit to the home hub. You need to decide on which master unit you want to use, then pair all the other units to that one master. You will of course end up with an unused master unit which you can keep as a spare.



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Re: Mixing BT 600 Hot Spots and Extenders

Thanks for your reply/diagram. Your reply suggests that a Hot Spot and and Extender are the same device when plugged into the Smart Hub; am I correct with this interpretation?

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Re: Mixing BT 600 Hot Spots and Extenders

I think you will find that the extender 600 and the hotspot 600 are very similar. You should be able to connect the extender 600 master unit directly to the home hub, then pair both the extender 600 and hotspot 600 remote units to that one master unit as they use the same standard.


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Re: Mixing BT 600 Hot Spots and Extenders

This is the extender 600

BT Broadband Extender 600 Kit

This is the hotspot 600 multi kit

Notice that the master units are virtually the same, the difference is in the slave units.

As the hotspot 600 units have two Ethernet ports, they are generally better value. Remember you can always add extra Ethernet ports using an Ethernet switch. There is no need to add extra units if you need more Ethernet connections in the same room.


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Re: Mixing BT 600 Hot Spots and Extenders

Again, thanks for your clarifications. Please forgive the pedantic reply below but I have been struggling with this problem for sometime now and thus I wish to make sure I fully understand. 

So if I decide to use a Hot Spot master directly Ethernet connected to the Smart Hub I can "daisy" chain connect up to 8 further Hot Spot unit and then, I could if I so wished, fully utilize  all of their Ethernet connectors.

Alternatively, I could directly connect my "Master" Extender to the Smart Hub and then add Extenders as required.

Here's the pedantic bit, your reply appears to suggest that if I start with a Master Extender directly Ethernet connected to the Smart Hub I could then "daisy" chain connect Hot Spots. My earlier instructions, when I purchased the both the Hot Spots and the Extenders was that they could not talk to each other?

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Re: Mixing BT 600 Hot Spots and Extenders

Think of it this way, the master device connected to the hub turns your mains wiring into a gigantic Ethernet LAN into which you can plug a number of slave devices. Those devices can then either radiate a wifi signal, provide Ethernet ports (or both) to connect PCs, laptops, etc.

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Re: Mixing BT 600 Hot Spots and Extenders

You should be able to do as you describe. I am not sure of the number of slave units you can connect, but why do you need so many, unless you have a very large house with eight rooms?

Remember, you only need one remote unit for each room. If you need multiple connections in one room, then an Ethernet switch is a simpler and cheaper option.

The other issue you have to watch with the hotspot 600 units, is that by default, the only select wireless channels 1, 6 or 11, so you need to avoid having two in close proximity working on the same channel.

You can access the hotspot settings by connecting to its wireless network, and going to this address


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Re: Mixing BT 600 Hot Spots and Extenders

OK, so I can make my entire home a Internet LAN by Ethernet wiring my Smart Hub to one BT 600 Extender. I should then be able to plug in up to 7 Hot Spots devices to provide wireless connections to my tablet and or phone and also directly connect my smart TV. Have I got it now??

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Re: Mixing BT 600 Hot Spots and Extenders

Yes, but as Keith says unless you have a truly massive house you won't need 7 hotspots.

Just to muddy the waters, have you considered this

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