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Mobile Credit Check

So I just tried to pre-order iphone 7 and my credit check failed. I'm annoyed because it didn't let me get past the first page. I've had BT internet for several years and currently 2 sim only plans which have all been fine and paid consistenly. I think the way orders are approved should take into account a customers standing/previous record with the company.


I'm not too fused as I planned to buy outright but I saw the cashback deal and of course previous customer £5 monthly discount. I would have saved a couple hundred overall. I now plan to leave BT in 6 months when my current contract ends. I was looking for a reason to stick around but you get nothing for being a loyal customer. 


Vodafone are offering broadband without landline fees. That's a saving of almost £20 a month.. no brainer. 

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Re: Mobile Credit Check

Its got no bearing on how long you have been with BT all mobile companies do the same credit checks so highly likely your going to get a similar result with another company. Its nothing personal to the individual its the strict checks all mobile companies have to do now to protect their business.

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Re: Mobile Credit Check

I am extremely annoyed at the customer experience my daughter has endured.  Your mobile guidance for the new i phone 7 states the new customer is entitled to a /£5 discount, but does not have to be the existing account holder.
Wrong, this is flawed BT the subsequent checks.

After being contacted by BT incorrectly advised she failed the credit checks.  After checking her score/rating with Equifax she confined her credit score was excellent.  Equifax hold the information used for the checks, but as they don't know which information was used by BT.  After a 42 minute phone call and being passed between up to 6 advisers (my daughter lost count), she finally received confirmation it was identity check failure, as opposed to a credit check fail.


Not only are we aggrieved in being offered a service to be declined, but this has caused great stress. Sh e currently is absent from work due to a nervous breakdown.  I have been with BT for over 37years.  Wha impact will this now have on her credit rating?...having been declined credit!

It is very insulting giving the explanation of a low credit score, when her credit score is excellent, it is due to how the information held is being used by BT.  It is because of the further compliance checks regarding her identity which have resulted in her application being declined, as it is a high value handset.

We have both been on the telephone/web chats countless timesvto no avail.  There is no formal complaints guidance for customers to access online.  When you asked to make a complaint over the telephone/chat, you are advised they are not the correct department and they will not take ownership of the issue/complaint.  Whether this is because BT is so compartmentalised, or avoiding acknowledgment of customer complaints and resolving the issue.  Futile, multiple transfers, bouncing around various departments and countries, having to recount the whole saga is infuriating and feels you are swirling around in Customer Service quivalent of the Bermuda Triangle.  Although offshore staff have the ability to speak English, theor comprehension leads a lot to be desired, which adds to the frustrating experience.  Nobody, seems to have the ability to read the case notes.

My daughter has been advised the issue is the identity check is failing due to her not being th current BT customer, which illustrates there is an issue with your guidance given to new mobile customers taking advantage of the household discount then the identity checks used.  Rather than engage a new customer/business, you have inferred and insulted her as aseveral adisors said it was due to her credit scoring.  It is understandable checks have to be made, as it is a high value handset, but why couldn't further checks be made or more importantly have your process reassessed?  


Furthermore, you can decline her application, but take 4 amounts of £150 from her account.  We have both made separate complaints regarding this matter.  She called to progress chase, as action was supposed to be completed by thend of today.  There was no procedure ability to ut her through to the correct depatment dealing with this or provide an update, A new advisor Hayley sppke to her today.  As a new adviser she was the first person who actively listened to the issues and offered put throught the order.  When she was out of her depth, she passed the call to Matt.  As my daughter wanted to take advantage of the current Quidco cashback offer of £120 for contracts over £40/mth.  She completed, as she had before the answers as mentored by Matt.  He advised the Equifax check showed as a pass, but he explained he could not determine if  the application would be successful.  She was on the phone for over 1 & 1/2 hrs, transferred to the Philippines, where the advisor could only repeatedly reiterate the result of the application; which again was her application had been declined.  Again, my daughter questioned how the advisor could resolve/escalate this or take ownership of the complaint,  My daughter requested written confirmation as to why she had failed.  At this point she tried to fob off and transfer to Equifax, who are the onformation providers and responsible on how the information/ if the information is being used fairly  and correctly.  

As a loyal BT ustomer for my whole married life of 44yrs when my current contract expires I intend taking my business elsewhere after this debacle.  Ironic that  you are not only the UK's oldest, but  the world's oldest communications company and your ability to communicate is shocking and you appear to be so fragmented, that you have lost the customer in the whole mess!  

If this is not suitably addressed or resolved, we will take this issue furthre outside of your organisation, ombudsman, social networking, Trading Standards.

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Re: Mobile Credit Check

After reluctantly backtracking and making a new application for my daughter's handset. Application approved, strangely they did not take payment immediately, like the 4 time that my daughter experienced. I then receive an email several days later to advise the handset was out of stock. 10 days later I receive a phone call to advise the order has ben cancelled and did I want to reorder?
WHAT DO RECKON AFTER THIS DEBACLE OF A CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE>>>Looks like this one will be left the ombudsman to sort. Complaint voicemail#7 email advised they had called to connect to ' the correct department who would deal with my complaint' Payments and billing>>>spoke to them several times, ending up in whirlwind of transfers to 'the correct department'/
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