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Mobile disconnected without warning

Hi despite the promise of no disconnection during Covid whilst I am struggling to pay my bill by have disconnected my mobile phones without warning myself and my daughter who has anxiety are now without phones what can I do 

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Re: Mobile disconnected without warning

Hi @Sarahc75,

Sorry to hear that you have been cut off without warning. 

BT have said that they won't cut customers off during covid19 as long as bills have not been rolling over from before they made this announcement in March. When did you last make full payment of a bill? 

Might be worth calling 150 to find out exactly what's happened. 



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Re: Mobile disconnected without warning

Think it was March I can’t actually call as I don’t have access to a landline I’m just now worried that my internet will be turned off also my bill is now currently £530 I am due to pay £200 in the 17th 

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Re: Mobile disconnected without warning

as you appear to have BT broadband form previous posts and therefore you must have a landline to use BT Broadband.  if you don't have a landline phone can you borrow one to contact 150 billing and see what you can organise

it may be your landline/broadband also get disconnected so sooner you make contact with BT the better

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Re: Mobile disconnected without warning

Almost impossible to get through 

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Re: Mobile disconnected without warning

It's probably really your only option unless you can get through on live chat. 

I very much doubt this is something the mods would pick up and the longer you leave it the more chance of very thing being disconnected. 

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