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Mobile dongle account and online billing

I recently had cause to complain about online billing, this was finally sorted out, but........... the person who sorted it out for me didn't realise that there were 2 accounts associated with that profile, the landline and the dongle.  In fact, she seemed quite surprised to hear that.


Can I top up the dongle (had problems finding the number) and hope that everything will be OK while I am away?  I have ordered a new one, but that may not be here in time for me leaving to go on holiday and I need web access whilst I am away. 


Any help much appreciated, as I am now desperate to sort things out.  Being diabled pensioners web access is a lifeline for my husband and I.  Thank you in advance

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Re: Mobile dongle account and online billing

Hi Sandieg,


Sorry you have had a few problems here.


I just want to confrim is there still an issue with your online mobile billing account?  and is this preventing you from purchasing further usage using our site?


Not quite sure what you mean by ordereinga new one.  Do you mean signed up another account on our website or have a nother dongle on the way?


Sorry about all the questions I just want to make sure i have the right end of the stick Smiley Happy


If you want to call to top up you need to dial 0800 169 0850.







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Re: Mobile dongle account and online billing

Hi Craig


Thank you for replying.  I have managed to top up the dongle by phone, this should  suffice for the next week., when I will be away from home - well hopefully it willSmiley Very Happysmileyhappy:    I have no way of checking how much is left on there, as it is linked to the old profile I had,  and because that profile no longer exists I can't take if off the profile, hence I have ordered a new one. 


Once I get the new one, I will be able to link it to the new profile (I hope!) and my problems should be some way to being solved.  The original profile was changed becuase I could not access my online billing, 2 profiles later and I think I am nearly there!


I think I have spoken to half of the BT staff about this whole problem, and its all now on its way to being sorted. 

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