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Mobile version of community

Hi Everyone


I am pleased to announce that based on the feedback we got from community members we have decided to reinstate the mobile version of the community.  So you can now access the forums on the move again!  🙂


It is important to remember that the mobile version does not provide all the forums’ features and functionality, but it is a scaled- down mobile-optimised version.  This will allow you to access the community and perform key tasks on the move, such as reading, creating and replying to posts.


See below for our Frequently Asked Questions about the mobile version of the community.





Frequently Asked Questions for accessing the community on a mobile device:


How do I access the community on my mobile device?

You should use the same URL you use to access the main community –


What devices can I use to access the community?

You can use any mobile device to access the community, but the user experience is optimised on devices which use a WebKit browser, including AppleWebKit for iPhone and Android, S60 Webkit for Nokia, and  IE Mobile for HTC.  To optimise the mobile experience on Blackberry and other devices, Opera Mini can be downloaded, which will enhance the way the community looks on your device. Further details on device compatibility and suggested browsers is included at the end of this FAQ message.


What tasks can I complete on the mobile version?

The mobile version is intended to keep you up to date with the community when you are on the move.  This means that key functionality is available, but you cannot perform all functions that are available on the main site.  Key tasks you can complete are as follows:

  • Sign in/out of community
  • View boards, threads, and  messages
  • Create new thread
  • Reply to existing threads
  • Mark messages as read/unread
  • Give ratings
  • Send and receive private messages
  • Search the community
  • Follow other members (add to friends); See who is following you
  • Change certain mobile settings:
    • Turn on/off private messages
    • Subscribe to topics I post to
    • Create a mobile specific signature
  • View your profile
  • View existing bookmarks
  • Link back to main site and Help site


Why can’t I do everything on the mobile version as I would on the desktop version?

The mobile version is intended for ‘on the move’, easy access to key functionality of the community.  Access on a mobile device needs to be quick to load and easy to read on small screens, so we have removed some of the extra features and functionality you normally see on the main site in order to achieve this.  For example, the modules you see on the right hand side of the main site such as ‘top rated posts’ are not available on the mobile version as there is not enough space on the screen.


How does it work?  If I post on the mobile version will it update on the main site?

Yes – the mobile version links directly into the main community site so any posts, replies, and PMs that you send will automatically be updated on the main site.


Do you plan to add any more functionality to the mobile version in future?

There are no immediate plans to add any further functionality than what exists in the current version.  However, we are always looking to make improvements to any services we offer so if you have specific feedback on additional functionality you would like to see on the mobile version, please send me a PM. 


What should I do if I have any problems using the mobile version?

If you have any problems using the mobile version we would recommend posting your query in the Forum Guidance and Ideas board when you’re with your PC so other members can give support and advice.  The moderator team can also respond here if needed.


How secure is my data?

User details are stored securely and encrypted in the community system.  The mobile version of the community is subject to the same tests as the rest of the community site and was implemented using the same security best practices.  Members are reminded that they can control what profile information is viewable by others via their user settings. 


Device compatibility chart


This table shows which device and browser combinations are supported and provide the best mobile experience:



 Browser required


Apple WebKit


Apple WebKit


S60 WebKit


IE Mobile


If you have other mobile device/browser combinations we suggest that you download Opera mini as your browser to get the best mobile experience of the forums.  

Retired BTCare Community Manager - StephanieG and SeanD are your new Community Managers

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