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Mod Team

Having a case open for months now, feel like I'm getting no where and the majority of getting 1 reply a week. Just want to leave how come I have the right to cancel Infinity but not the whole entire service. The package I bought was Infinity 2 with a phone package (bundle) yet you won't refund the remaining amount of months of my Line Rental Saver?


This considering you need to have a phone package for you to have  broadband I find this kinda funny. I need to have a phone when I don't really want one as I only purchased it for Infinity. This then being said the fault won't be fixed as it's not a telephone fault. Then giving me the right to cancel my Infinity package which comes with a phone bundle so I shouldn't be able to have a line, give me the right to claim my Line Rental Saver remaining amount of months back and leave.

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