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Modem Cable

Hey everyone! I hope it's ok to post this here and hopefully will help some people to maybe have a bit more stable line just now when the whole network is very busy with everyone being online. 🙂 I am on BT's service and it has been very stable, no drops, constant speed so far. However I noticed in the last 3 weeks the noise margin and the maximum data rate had been changing up and down every few minutes/half an hours. The sync speed obviously stayed the same. I've always used a good quality cat5 modem cable when I was on FTTC but when got the service I thought I would just hook it up with the original cable that came with the modem. Due to the constant noise changing as well as the max data rate changing I thought it was time to swap that cable. I bought this one "50cm Cat6 Shielded Modem router cable VDSL RJ11/RJ45 Hi speed Broadband Cat6a" . What a difference it made! Noise margin is rock stable and also gained 10Mb extra sync speed that resulted giving me about an extra 6Mb of actual download speed. (Sync speed went from 140-141Mbps to 150-151Mbps - depends on the noise margin) The actual download speed went from 126-127Mbps up to 132-135Mbps! I know it's not a lot, but it does make a difference! The main thing is the line seems even more stable just now. 🙂

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