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Monitor 6000 - black screen

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I’ve had my BT Monitor 6000 for approximately 1 year. Over night my baby stirred which in turn caused the monitor to switch on (great!). However when I attempted to move the camera none of the buttons worked and all wording (e.g temperature) on the screen scrambled. In my sleep deprived state I decided to attempt to turn the monitor off and back on again. I was greeted with a black screen and 2 solid green lights on the side. I am unable to turn the monitor off and it has been on now like this for approximately 19 hours... is there anything I can do? 

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Re: Monitor 6000 - black screen

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Hi @Kylie88  welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. Sorry that you are unable to get the monitor to turn off. If you are still having this problem get in contact with the Baby Monitor 6000 help team. They are not available at the weekend but you can call on Monday or you can drop them an email in the meantime.


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