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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Look at Gmail and you understand why it's easier to click an arrow next to the mail message than moving the cursor on the far left end side for the Inbox .

It's pretty much the same issue when you need to archive an e-mail into folders : now you need to go trough 3 different steps .

Maybe you're better than me with the track pad or maybe you've more time to spend on the Laptop

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I have had many years experience in dealing with e-mail and various changes. I can cope with having to click somewhere different or hunt around for something that used to be obvious. Its an inconvenience but hopefully I can learn how to use the new system. What I can't deal with is e-mails that I know have been sent not arriving and having to retrieve  e-mails from a spam box I never asked for on a regular basis. Not only that but I am still having to retrieve the same e-mails I have marked "not spam" over and over again. I currently have 18 e-mails that are being thrown into the spam box from my Inbox everytime I retrieve mail. At least 6 of these are from someone I have designated a "safe sender"  I'm basically thinking I will have to use my gmail account for anything important until this gets sorted out.

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I wish my e mails were going into spam. At least I could find them again

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Totally agree with AlanF49

Plus: If I have done a search and several emails show up, I can't find a way to move up and down between them, once opened.

If I insert a photo there used to be a way to resize the image to 'small', now I end up with huge photos in the text.

Still losing contacts and getting suggestions for complete unknowns

BT very quiet. How do we get to 'speak' to them?

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Dear BT

Really! It appears that we have travelled back to the mid 90's. How you can honestly describe this change as an 'upgrade' is an affront to the intelligence to all of us who have loyally remained with you for many years. 

This product is so utterly awful compared to the competition I for one will be off, regardless of the disruption caused by a change of email address. Unless you actually invest the monies required to create a product that it actually better, or even just comparable to the previous Yahoo version.

You can't open multiple mails, you can't close a mail once open, it keeps crashing, I have lost contacts and folders. You cannot change the appearance, you cannot  set rules as you once could.  I am frankly at my wits end. 

This may have saved you a bundle of cash. If you don't fix it the loss of customers over the coming months will make any savings you have made disappear as quickly as your credibility.

You are supposed to be the shining light of the of the best communication products in the UK. A failure to provide a product that matches the previous version or the competitors will hugely damage your reputation.


Please start again and do better.






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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Forgot to mention the App. The ability to make the text larger by swiping, a fairly useful feature available on all but your product!


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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

conavar 61  when you say emails  not being sent, do you mean when on the laptop/computer ?  are these showing in the outbox? If they arent in the Outbox  how do you know they havent been delivered.  Tick  the send receipts boxes  then you will know. The recipient can ignore the received email box  though 

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

federico   if you are complaining about how far to move the cursor to the left to click on inbox rather than an arrow  that maybe a few inches to the right, then its really nitpicking at trivial insignificant problem that doesnt exist.

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

shockingly slow basic functions..and I mean BASIC email expectations.
this is a serious fault!
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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade


...what does G.P.O have to do with...

Simply a reference to where it all started. Maybe you have less grey hairs than me! 🙂

You left me totally baffled with POP3 IMAP

Not sure why but FWIW I've said before I am using POP.

You would have to use the fetch push or manual on the phone to sync the phone with the server

I'm not using a phone for email.