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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade


I need to log out and log in again

Yes, it's all very peculiar, so it is. You might try refreshing the page (F5). One shouldn't need to, of course, but it's quicker than log-out / log-in.
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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I was going to  dabble  with setting up a new Gmail  which would then read  and reply to the BT mail account from Gmail. I was then going to add that Gmail account (which views the BT mail)  with the add accounts from other providers  to see what happened.

   Unfortunately  that didnt work  failed  to add the account    message pop up  confirm  the account exist...... no  confirm  Box.  Another  quirk  you  had to put a password in  before the email  as email  first  then made the password box inaccessible.

    Back  to  the drawing  board 

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

This new platform is monsterously slow. Surely BT don't believe this is acceptable ?

20 seconds to load an email and up to 30 seconds  to change folders.

I have fibre to my residence so have 120/30mb, so definately not a broadband issue.

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

@DISRUPTED   Im  all  grey  this BT  is far better than the AOL   Always  Off  Line   i was on   15  yrs  ago 

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I meant e-mails being sent to me that were not arriving.

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade


From Fredericobazz

"And also now, when clicking back to Inbox , very often it's impossible to  click the icon because it goes grey( actually black with the indication of n of total e-mails ,unread e-mails ) and it's impossible to click on it . The only way, it's to log out and log in again"

This is the same problem I have reported.  It is not a minor inconvenience, it removes the ability to open the folder as the blacked out area (that I describe as a tooltip) sita over the area you need to click on to open the folder.

At times this work and the grey area is a row or two away from the area to be clicked on but not always.

Perhaps others should try an replicate this rather than make light of the report.

Has anyone set up a public group on Facebook to expose these failings.




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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I have had the same situation for several weeks on my Windows 10 pc only. 

My Ipad and iphone are fine.

I have now switched the emails on my pc to Mozilla Firefox and it has improved the functionality enormously.

It is not perfect but the speed is back to normal and I do not seem to be losing emails. Having said all that BT has not helped itself with the response, considering it is the primary telecommunication company in the UK one might expect to be able to have a decent conversation on the phone with staff who are at least cognisant on the vagaries of email. 

This alas is not to be

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

surely BT have to sort this out .I have to use google chrome for work .

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Dear BT

Apologies for the long post but I have now struggled along with this new email service for 2 weeks and have compiled a long list of issues which I am detailing below. It supercedes my previous post on 12/6/20 (post 259) so please ignore that one. I can see there’s been a tsunami of feedback (mostly negative) on this thread and I am probably replicating many of the issues that others have already pointed out (I haven’t had the time to read through all the 500+ messages) but if so I think it is probably still worth repeating so that you can gauge the level of user unhappiness at the performance and lack of functionality of this new release. I also note that you/ Sean has provided several updates and I think maybe even some fixes to some of the more minor issues so if some of my points below have already been addressed, please ignore and thank you for providing the fix.

I really want to say something positive about this release but honestly, it is even more shocking than I realised 2 weeks ago. Quite how it could have passed system, regression, or user testing I really don’t know. I dread using it which is making my life difficult as I rely on a good email service for my work.


  1. Can't keep several emails open now as the 'windows' or tabs element has been removed. This a major backward step from the previous version. I need several emails open at a time for my work.
  2. Performance: Everything takes forever, from opening an email, to moving it to a folder, to sorting, to doing a search etc etc etc. And I count myself lucky if after all that waiting the spinning circle of doom doesn’t return an error message.
  3. Front end display. Everything now seems to need refreshing before getting updated. Eg i) Inbox says 7 unread emails but displays only 4 as not updated for 3 new arrivals. ii) Font is tiny and I can't see an option in Settings to change. iii) A read email goes bold when highlighted, suggesting it's unread.
  4. Composing emails: i) I’ve had emails that didn’t save. ii) Also now I have to select ‘Keep composing message’ before I can continue to edit which was not required before. Not a major issue you’d think but it is if every single step takes an eternity. And why introduce another step when there is no need? iii) Also, keep seeing random ‘You have new message’ messages flash up constantly when I haven’t?  iv) Also why are my contacts in the drop down list replicated – every address is shown twice, and worse, the person’s name appears over and over again in the list??  
  5. Sorting doesn’t work. Eg if by date, I have had a 2011 email sandwiched between two 2018 ones. And Sorting by Attachment – nothing happens at all when I press the paperclip icon.
  6. Collapsed/ Grouped emails: i) Unfortunately this is just not helpful at all (not to me anyway). Whereas before each email was displayed individually, now some are grouped together. Which could be ok (though still prefer individual display) if they were grouped together sensibly eg by subject header, but I have emails grouped together apparently at random as the subject headers are different. ii) Furthermore, it is now not possible to move individual emails within a group into a folder, I have to move them all, which is highly unflexible if I want to have one email in one folder, and another in a different one. iii) Also not possible to delete one email in the group, it’s either all or nothing? This is a nonsense.  
  7. Search function: i) when the results are eventually returned, once an email is opened it is now no longer possible to return to view the original list of search results. This was possible in old version. ii) Setting date range now involves having to scroll back each month which is very tedious when you are looking for an email in 2011. I could simply type in the date range in previous version. iii) Very slow to return results. And often unable to cope with a long or old date range and returns a message ‘An unexpected error has occurred’. Never had this problem in previous version.
  8. System doesn’t seem stable. I’ve seen Email subject headings suddenly change, or emails purporting to be coming from someone else (eg an email from HSBC apparently being sent by my sister??)

I’m sure I’ve missed loads more – these are the main ones that come to mind. The only positive comment I can make is that now I can widen the Folders pane on the left to see the full description of my folders. However this view is then not saved. I am also grateful that so far I have not detected any missing emails or contacts like others appear to have but I have not been through all my folders and 11 years worth of stored emails (perhaps tens of thousands if not hundreds) yet, so cannot say for sure.


As for the new BT Email mobile app, this is woeful too.

  1. No longer able to swipe left/ right from an open email to the next. Have to go back then click into the next email - very tiresome.
  2. Delete function: i) No longer able to delete an open email directly using the Bin icon. Now have to go into Menu & select Delete. ii) No longer able to delete directly from Notification screen.
  3. Front end display of Inbox or Folder emails looks messy and unprofessional. Now can see part of the contents (which sometimes appear as random letters/ gobbledygook) whereas previously just the Sender, Subject and Date
  4. Attaching web links doesn’t work. Ie the ‘Share’ function when selecting BT Email app doesn’t attach the link. The recipient receives a blank message.
  5. Syncing with Webmail is slow, erratic. Eg Deleted mails from Inbox of Webmail still exist in Inbox of the app.

I don’t know how much money BT has spent on this so-called upgrade but you could have saved yourselves a packet by not doing anything at all. Clunky, inefficient, stripped-down functionality – this is a poundshop version of what I had before. I would readily have the old one back!

Thanks for reading, I hope we see a much improved release soon.


Best regards

A very disappointed customer.

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I’ve now been using the new system for around a couple of weeks. With the exception of some niggles - things which were part of Yahoo not being available - it’s working for me across my IPhone, IPad, MacBook and Explorer 10. I know this does nowt for those of you who are having multiple problems.
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