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Re: Terrible new email "upgrade" - is BT even listening?

@Jules68 wrote:



As I said, the From tab, other wise I'd have said click on the sender's address.

I have to refresh the browser page

I can not replicate the problem. The "From" tab affects the ordering of the list and obviously should not need the whole page refreshed when you use it.  Have you tried clearing your browser's history and cookies and have you tried a different browser to see if it is a browser problem.

Don't you think a grown-up internet company and ISP should be writing its own flagship mail service so that it works on all browsers? Yahoo managed. I do know that there are sometimes cache problems with any browser, but when you get companies that write their web pages clearly optimised around only one browser they are normally not really that interested in the internet. I can tell you that it's pretty flaky on Chrome; which means that for modern Edge it will be pretty flaky as well. If changing browser really is a fix for @Oddbodkin then, unless he/she is using a really old version of a browser that's a problem for BT, not for him/ her. Although, as I've said, any browser can have cache issues.

I take it you have never heard of doing some diagnostics to try and establish where a problem may lie. I'll now leave you to try and help Oddbodkin or perhaps you will just keep passing comments without actually helping. 

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Re: Terrible new email "upgrade" - is BT even listening?


Hello. I just pop back occasionally to see what's being said and caught your comment.

When I had a problem with inserting photographs into the body of an email I telephoned BT and was told to stop using Firefox and use MS Edge....needless to say it did not solve the issue. However I said to the person at BT how come I can access my bank, my savings and investment accounts on any browser with no issue yet when it comes to BT the answer to the issue is it's my porblem for using the wrong browser. I have had this before with BT and many years ago their stock reply seemed to be it was the customers problem to find solutions. I thought that attitude had gone but it seems to have returned. It's rather like buying a new car only to find that sometimes it doesn't run well and for the salesman to suggest you use Shell fuel instead of BP, the car should run on any fuel of the correct octane and BT's email should run on any browser. If it doesn't it's not up to the customer to sort it.

As to the subject...Terrible new email "upgrade" - is BT even listening?.....not listening but another word starting with the letter L.....laughing....... all the way to the bank.


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Re: Terrible new email "upgrade" - is BT even listening?

Just so that you are aware, not with standing the problems that some users are experiencing with the migration from BTYahoo, the "new" BTMail User Interface is compatible and should work in the same way on all the "usual" browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and many more so for the Customer Service rep to say other wise is wrong. 

I checked the problem that Oddbodkin was having with the "From" button and I could not replicate it on Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. I found the button worked as it should on every occasion that I used it. 

As nobody else has said that they were having the same problem as Oddbodkin was having with the "From" button it seemed the most obvious thing to try and see if it was a problem with the browser that he was using. It was NOT to infer that BTMail was only designed to be used with one browser.




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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Fortunately my bt mail is still on Yahoo and I have not had to upgrade. However, my wife has been changed over and she is very frustrated with it.  I have had a look at it myself and am appalled how bad it is. 

She had the embarrassing situation of cutting and pasting a word document into an email and when she sent it to an important business contact there was a lot of gobbledegook formatting . There is no excuse for allowing a bug like that .

She also had a situation where an important folder (whole folder) went into trash but was not in trash when she looked.

Navigation is extremely difficult and erratic as folders take a long time to load . 

I have told her that if this is not fixed , she should move to Gmail. She is reluctant to do that as all her contacts are used to her bt contact email address. 

I think BT should restore Yahoo versions until it can get its act together. This is not good publicity  


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Re: Terrible new email "upgrade" - is BT even listening?

Please can we stop arguing amongst ourselves? It has been pointed out several times that there appears to be several versions of this roll out, causing problems that various experts/ knowledgeable people cannot always see.

Has anyone else been getting various error messages (eg ‘An Unexpected Error has occurred’ in a red banner across the top of the page) pop up within this forum? The cynic in me thinks that BT are watching us and not happy.

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Re: Terrible new email "upgrade" - is BT even listening?


Actually while typing this reply to you it appeared. As here.


I think something is going wrong with this forum too as today moving from page to page takes ages and a box appears basically saying it's doing something to take me to the next page but that can take a minute to do so.

Yes I have had such a message appear in my emails but not in a red banner.

I also get a similar message when I attempt to use the search function.  Even simplest of searches do not work for a variety of reasons and often will produce zero results, this error message or I give up waiting.

It's so bad that I have in the past as a test searched for an email that has arrived the same day and sits in open view in my inbox yet the system cannot find it.


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Re: Terrible new email "upgrade" - is BT even listening?

I am curious to know where did you got the information that there is more than one version  " of this roll out"

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Re: Terrible new email "upgrade" - is BT even listening?

Oh-Ho! Blaming the victims are they?

I do not use Microsoft so MS Edge (whatever that is) is not going to be a solution for me. It has to work on Chrome or Firefox - these are after all not exactly minority browsers!

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Very helpful advice, Goldmankind.
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Re: Terrible new email "upgrade" - is BT even listening?



He actually says "there appears to be several versions of this roll out"....not that there is. And I don't think it's unreasonable because it's odd that not everyone gets the same problem, but that could be for a variety of reasons.

However given zero response from BT people are going to speculate and that's all we can do.