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Re: Terrible new email "upgrade" - is BT even listening?

@JohnRH wrote:




How very grown up! You missed out "whatever"

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I’m suffering from most of the issues you raise, but I use an ipad so I have others beside.  First I can no longer use bold, italic or underlining when composing an email.  Second my Search Function doesn’t work.  Third the items in my Sent Box all have my name as the heading and not the name of the recipient, so I can’t see who I’ve sent them to.  Has anyone else had these problems?

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

@Barnsworth Haven't seen those two points - Windows 10/Google Chrome has bold etc and sent emails are showing those sent to. But different users do seem to be seeing different things. 😞

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Email Rules Issues since changeover from Yahoo Mail

I welcome changes for improvements in functionality and security however there is a feature which has been 

downgraded since the changeover from BT Yahoo mail.

Can we have back the option to 'filter emails like this' available from the inbox when the specific emails are selected?

This was so convenient to use and saved having to go into settings > email > rules > Add and that's after you have copied the specific email address that you want to filter.




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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Is anyone else having this problem?

In the e-mail notification of new post on this thread I click on 

'See this message in community' 

Rather than previously going direct to the post it goes to Forum Login using my stored username/password and then  I get the following message  :


Not sure what this means because I can access the thread by searching e.g. 'Monstrous' and was able to post this!

This is happens on both my Android smartphone and Windows 10 PC.


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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I believe it normally means the post has been moved or deleted. Although it's phrased as if you're in the wrong somehow.
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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

@Jules68  - Spot on - just checked - last Forum email was for post from AlanF49 - which wasn't at the end of the thread.

Agree that message is 'accusatory' !


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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

That's what I thought, but why doesn't it work for everyone - some say folders are in random order.
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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade


This is the sad thing about both this problem and almost any issue with BT, their first approach is that the customer is somehow at fault.

Customers would on the whole accept a statement from BT that they know there are problems and the issues are being dealt with. It's the silence that's annoying.


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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

BT used to have very clear rules about launching new products (partly stimulated when it launched as an ISP but failed to build into the new 'product' any billing mechanism which met competition rules). I'm afraid this new 'product' (a BT Webmail system) seems to have fallen through this process - possibly because it was treated as a product 'upgrade' (as it was announced as) rather than the entirely new product (a Web Mail service of BT's own devising) which it actually was. The scoped down BT Yahoo  Web Mail (the successor to the Yahoo Mail which BT launched its  e-mail service with)  was still a Yahoo product, if customised, whereas the new BT Mail is a stand-alone product, with no-one's finger prints on it but BT's.

The old product launch system required a huge number of sign-offs to ensure products were launched cleanly (and working) - I see no evidence of this - indeed, given the reports of contrary advice given by service representatives the old requirement for signed-off training before the product has been launched doesn't seemed to have happened.

The product should have been pulled, of course (and no one further migrated on to it) - but I suspect the processes which would have triggered that have also been bypassed or ignored. And the reason why we are not being told that BT is dealing with it is that they probably aren't.  Possibly for reasons which I have previously hypothesised (that the development team is in India and unable to work on the product or that there is no funding for it). 

Either which way, for those who find the Web Mail front-end intolerable, the advice given (use an e-mail client if you can, move to another e-mail provider if you can't) still seems the best one. There are cures and workarounds for some of the problems raised by customers, but the basic fact that the system is a stinker still stands.

Amended to add - one of the problems BT faces is that the 'problems' faced by Web Mail systems are common, but the solutions (such as those used by Yahoo) are proprietary - so BT has to invent new ways (non proprietary or open source) of solving the problems if they don't want to pay for IPR to Yahoo - doing so rather obviates the savings they were hoping for by devising their own system.