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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade


That response doesn't even make sense.


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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade


They don't care. And the response from their supporters on here show that.

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade


It's beyond me why people can't just come on here and calmly ask is there an issue with the servers or BT mail or whatever. 

   Yes all the accounts went down on here first sign when the Gmail asked for credentials on the wife's account.

Dramatising never helps


We don't need to ask if there's an issue, nor are we, as you claim (& without foundation) we're dramatising; we KNOW there's an issue & what we want to hear is how BT is going to fix it & how fast.


Want an example?

As I type this, a nice big, red warning keeps popping up on the page saying:

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Because the new Web Mail front end is so poor the sort of general failure we suffered yesterday looks initially like just another front end problem, but worse. In the old days a downed system was more obvious because we expected things generally to work. Now we don't. And that in itself is a pretty poor commentary on BT. Oh, and this is the second time in a week the email system as a whole has fallen over. At the very least those paying directly for email should be being offered a refund. If not us 'with broadband' customers. 

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Fault BT suggest is 'fixed', isn't...

I note that BT said a fault I have currently in my 'talk21' address had been fixed.

Issues with access calendar on webmail for talk21 customers - This defect has been fixed in release version 2.16

I'm sorry to say it hasn't, it hasn't worked since I was migrated on the new platform. Indeed, I can no longer access 'tasks' either so now have no mechanism to set appointments/reminders which is causing me a real headache. Attached are the 2 x errors I get - both 'permanent' faults and not intermittent.

I did highlight this to a 'mod' last week in a PM, but received no acknowledgement...

Hoping another mod will dip into this forum and realise that it hasn't been 'fixed' at all.

calendar error.jpg

task error.jpg

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

@goldmankind Neither does patronising paying customers, but each to their own
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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

As a ex-Project Manager overseeing a complex Comms System Network I believe that there may be multiple, overlapping problems here (many Software based some hardware based [including straight forward equipment failure):

  1. Spread across the country, BT equipment will be at different build/ modification/ configuration states, in various environmental conditions, so as it fails and is replaced sometimes there are problems. Compare to a Wiper Motor on a Mk 1 Ford Focus, is a Mk 5 motor going to fit? Give the fitter a big enough hammer it will! Inevitably some faults will be fixed by a tired/ inexperienced engineer wrongly, causing more issues.
  2. Us users will all have different equipment at different build/ modification/ configuration states, in various environmental conditions, running different Operating Systems and varying software packages. I have 2 desktop PCs, supposed to be the same, but work quite different and then loaded with different packages. Every time Microsoft updates I loose drivers.
  3. Us users will have varying amounts of IT skill/ understanding. Some of the terms given in the helpful fixes, might as well be in Martian for all the help that they are to some.
  4. On top of this BT decided to make this upgrade change on the cheap, and in phases, using unsatisfactory software & equipment. So far only my primary account has migrated to the new system

Various contributors to this forum don’t understand why the rest of us are getting upset. They are the lucky ones, when it’s their turn (equipment failure or migration) perhaps they will understand.

Last night on the primary and a secondary account, not only no emails but no folders, no Inbox (not even the word ‘Inbox’ .... , I did say ‘OH B.......  .......ING %^&%$£’.  Today [touch wood] OK

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade


An excellent post!
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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade


All good comments.

I lost my temper here recently as I am sick to the teeth of being told by the BT supporters to trawl the internet to look for answers or to try various ideas to find a work around.

The issue is as a far as I am concerned is that the faults vary not just from device to device but the actual issues vary on the same device from day to day as many others here will I am sure confirm.

We are paying for a service usually in a lengthy contract. Imagine getting up in the morning and finding your contract car had been taken away and replaced by an "improved" model and then on going to work it breaks down and continues let you down in various ways in the following weeks. You ring the supplier and ask him to look at it and he tells you to trawl the internet for a solution. I simply fail to see any difference. I am happy to search the internet for a solution to a problem but not when I am paying for a service.

I read what you say about different devices both at the users end and in BTs control but I really have to question how come banks with all their necesssary levels of security can get around this.  I have yet to use any device anywhere and not be able to access my bank and carry out any transaction. Ultimately it must be how the data is dealt with by the software and how well the software is written afterall what is the data going through the innards of the devices it's just 1's and 0's.

I note your area of expertise. I am a chartered engineer. I design mechanical services systems involving control systems for buildings. If I designed something that did not work I wonder if my client would be happy to be told to search the internet for solutions meanwhile they have to put up with coming into work on a Monday morning and finding the heating system had failed to start that day. I wonder if I would have months (years knowing BT) to put this right at my leisure while expecting the client to nevertheless still pay my invoices for the full amount and on time?



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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Today's issue for me is not being able to attach any images to an email (as, of course, we can't imbed into the main body of the text anymore), so now we can't even do this simple function. Not even large images too. Another SPLENDID improvement BT. Keep up the good work!
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