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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Indeed monstrous.

Can anyone help with these problems please:

1. Get rid of 'You have new message(s)' notification in yellow ... which I get every minute when I have unread emails in my inbox, thus forcing me to open all my emails to stop this irritatant. I have all my notifications off in system preferences, so this is a BT thingy. 

2. Mark as unread ... used to be able to simply press 'k', now must dropdown and dropdown again to mark as unread.


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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

@Neil28  I have unread messages  but  only get the yellow banner when a new message arrives. I dont keep getting the message again and again  because its not been opened.

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I can confirm that the old BTyahoo email does still exist as my other half still has it and it's works very well still (yahoo had issues earlier in the years and last year but its actually world beating compare to the MM version BT has bestowed upon many of us recently.

I don't personally believe that BT will be going backwards on this, well not to BTYahoo anyway, but perhaps the so called previous version worked better than the current version. For me despite the fact that this new eMail system is not fit for purpose and needs a considerable amount to make it so, I think they will press on and try and fix things and bug**r the customers.

I secretly hold the view that BT wants us to go elsewhere and forget the webmail version - it would certainly make it easier for the BT teams on this system that's for sure. I've not sent anything to the CEO yet as being shareholder and listened to their plans going forward i'm not sure they give a stuff about customers anyway. (It definitely not the company I worked for for 36+ years before retiring to greener pastures with the kings!)

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

@unwina  BT Yahoo  only  exists  for those who haven't  been transferred over ( which they will be )  for those on BT mail  there is no going back.  BT Mail  works here with no issues  for me personally  on all the accounts 

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Well that's good to know BT webmail works for some people - maybe its my version of google chrome or that I am using windows 7 rather than windows 10 (although to be honest the W10 laptop I have has all the same issues (same version of chrome though but to be honest its never worked correctly since I was converted and chrome has upgrade quite a few versions since!.)

Perhaps its just me although to be fair the speed of it has give me a new lease of life in that I no longer read most of the emails anyway as I need to do other things in my life.

As an ex s/w developer designer in a previous life I cannot see how being an alpha tester of a system that a has been thrown together and now is being rejigged to fix all the issues and the fact its been working in one form or another for as long as I can remember and still is not working very well says it all to me but hey I'm happy its working for some people!.

(I promised myself I would not get involved in these "War and Peace" like threads that seem to solve nothing so apologies for dropping in! ) 

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Yep, think I mentioned somewhere else that switched to Edge & works a lot smoother.

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I'll grant you that edge may be a lot better and its faster but all the underlying issues are and will be still there as edge is just chrome under the hood. All the issues like repeating deleted mail before loading the existing email makes it slower. Its fast at the moment but after I load up all my extensions it will not be much better performance wise. It won;t fix all the underlying issues of its design etc.

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Totally agree but at least with Edge I could actually read my emails. Will go back & give Chrome another go to see if more recent version 2.17.3 works any better on my system. I believe, as many have said, that with all the underlying issues that are there, the severity of problems seems to vary between users & the OS etc that they are using.

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

One of our main problems is lost email addresses and the autofill sometimes does and sometimes doesn't. Then at random it will produce a lost email address.

Deleting emails does and doesn't as it sees fit!

How can it work perfectly for some and not for others....a strange world!

We will plod on and hope that the ether clears and the gods of coding smile at last!

PS. We run the new Edge on Windows 10 and all is in good condition and up to date.


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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

The underlying problem is that BT mail is really still in design stage. It was rolled out far too quickly. I am beginning to see some under the hood improvements, like refresh speed and synchronisation - not sure if anyone would agree?

However, should we be discussing clients, browser preferences, apps etc. when the coders and engineers should have ironed all of this out beforehand? The system was really not fit for purpose on roll out and had to be "improved" on the fly and, granted, it is "new" in the sense that it is changing all the time in order to fix major faults.

I get the idea that this break of ties with Yahoo must have been a bit like BREXIT. There was a cut off date and the "new" and "improved" system had to appear in all its "glory" - maybe with some leeway for a few accounts (that is why a few accounts are still on BTYahoo?). Who knows though? The customers are the last ones to be told.

We live in hope and wonders will never cease etc. etc.