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Monthly Data Allowance

I am a new user to the BT features, including broadband, home phone and BT Vision.  Has been a bit of a learning curve for myself and the family, but slowly getting to grips with it.


The query comes with regards to Data Allowance.  I am currently on a 40gb package, which with another provider had been my "cap" for years.  Trouble is, I have only been using BT for just short of a month, and I am already over by 5gb, with just on a week to go till the end of the month.


With the previous supplier, I came no where close to the 40gb limit with hours of online gaming and the like, and have done nothing new since joining BT (not even gaming these days), actually if anything, I feel I have done less in this month then in previous months with the other supplier. 


Does the on demand content make any contribution to the allowance (although I know it says it doesn't)?

When reffering to on demand, does this mean "on demand" like the Iplayer, Demand 5, ITV content, as well as the BT Vision on demand area, or is there an area of on demand content on You View that is data allocated?


The other query I have is that I have had to restart the You View box a number of times occasions, as the screen freezes or goes blank.  Anyone else have this issue, and is there a fix?



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Re: Monthly Data Allowance

I don't have a You View box, I have the older silver one and any *on demand* service selected via that box is not included in my monthly allowance.


If you have, for example, FreeSat and select their *on demand* services directly from the TV menu then what you use will go against you monthly use.



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Re: Monthly Data Allowance

Keith Beddoe has produced a usefull guide which you can find here

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Re: Monthly Data Allowance

There's a well-known problem where YouView usage is added to your account when it shouldn't be. BT are supposed to recognise this and not bill you.
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