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More 100x variability in Broadband Speed between morning and afternoon

I noticed that both our broadband line started going slow this week but mainly in the afternoon. My VPN starts dropping and I have to give up trying to do any on-line work;  very frustrating.


I've run, and tests and they are all giving approximately the same results.


We get up to 4.5 mbps in the morning, but in the afternoon it starts to slow down and I recorded a 44kbps (yes, kilo bits!!!) before it got so slow I couldn't even run the tests.  And it is not just my one line, we have two BT broadband lines and they are both getting annoyingly slow in the afternoon.  Note the difference between today at 08:42 and 12:10 pm.....  BTW the speeds got worse as the afternoon went on but I could not run the tests by then.

Crappy BB speeds.JPG


There were no local broadband service issues in our area listed on the help pages.  Is this being caused by unacceptably high levels of contention?  I have no hope of getting something like this resolved by phoning a help desk, ...  yes,  I have tried rebotting mt PCs and the router.


p.s. we are useing a BT Hub on one line and a Netgear (Cisco) WAG-N router on the other.


Can ANYONE help??  Please.

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Re: More 100x variability in Broadband Speed between morning and afternoon

Suggest that you contact the mods, does sound like contention.


While you wait for the mods to reply (can take 3 days) you could also try contacting wholesale directly on (you need to select the option for being a member of the public since you are not a direct customer of theirs).


I did this as while back to ask a query and at the same time they said that the VP's on my echange were "running hot" and had been rebalanced, so assuming that was really the case then this may be a quicker way to get it looked at so long as you know what exchange you are connected to.

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