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More Buffering

I switched to Infinity 2 about 4/5 weeks ago.  Not happy with the performance at all. appears to show decent enough speeds but all devices that I use have the same buffering and what seems to be instability issues.  According to the checks there isnt an issue, however every device that I have ever had connected to the hub performs rather badly in terms of internet connection.  I am now also tied in to a lengthy and expensive contract with no noticable improvements to my broadband from my previous provider of a standard connection. 


X Box one lags and takes ages to load on line content (Wired connection).

4 different I phones and a number of diffent I pads experience similar problems over the wireless network.  

I have also tried 3 different PC's including a fresh install which have all also had buffering issues taking ages to load content.


I know this is all very vague and with limmitted detail, however the bottom line is that my connection is absolutely no better with infinity 2 than it was with standard Sky broadband which is really bugging me as I am now paying double the price for it....


If there is any other checks that can be done to help identify any possible technical problem I may be having then I would be grateful for suggestions. 

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More Buffering

Why didn't you stay with Sky for fibre?

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