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More HH6 woes - 14 day reboot kills HH for several hours

After a bit of trawling of these forums I have a slightly better idea of the trigger for my problem.


Until just now, I wasn't aware there there is a baked-in 14 day reboot. This explains quite a bit.


For the last 2 weeks, the service from the HH6 has been rock solid. But about 2 weeks ago, I spent several hours on the phone with a very helpful young lady from BT. That said, she didn't solve the problem.


The same problem I'd had 14 days previously !!!


That problem manifests itself like this:


All is good until tonight, at around 19:40 - then suddenly the connection to the internet goes (HH6 is showing Blue).

Give it about 15 minutes in case it magically sorts itself out - no.

Power off for 2 minutes.

Power on, goes through the usual sequence of colours, but spends a white at flashing orange then goes back to green and starts all over again.

Give it long enough and it will make it's way to blue - this is where it gets weird...I can connect devices to the wireless network, from a wired connection I can ping but I cannot connect to the internet, nor can I connect to the Hub Manager. I can't even connect to Hub Manager from a wired connection !!!


I did notice in the hub's log file these two rows: 

ppp1: TR69 ConnectionRequest Failed

ppp1: TR69 ConnectionRequest: processing request from ACS


But I 'think' these are safe to ignore.


If I were to leave the hub alone for about 3-4 hours it will magically sort itself out.


The only customisation I have done is:

Set my own SSID

Changed passwords

Split 2.4GHz and 5GHz


I now have my 3rd hub in the post to me.

I'm sorry I can't provide the exact firmware version because I have reverted to my previous TP-Link, but I know it's the version from 21st Dec, 2016.


Any thoughts? Or should I just keep requesting new hubs until I get lucky?


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