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More Spoilers

Here I am fuming at half time!  My plan: to watch Man Utd v CSKA Moscow and record Sevilla v Man City to watch later. In the first 45 minutes of the Man Utd game the commentator has given four updates on the Man City match and the latest score has been flashed up on the screen twice!! Who wants to watch a recorded match if you already know the score, who scored and when?? All the latest scores are available on the red button - why can the commentator not just say ' hit your red button if you want to know all the latest scores' and leave it at that??


There must be thousands of us that record games - being told what the score is takes all the pleasure out of watching recordings.


This happens frequently across all of BT Sport.  Please, please can we not be updated on other scores, the means are there to find out for ourselves if we wish!!


P.S. And now at half time all the Champions League scores are shown and read out!! So whatever game you may have recorded is ruined because you know the outcome.

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Re: More Spoilers

Worse still is when you haven't seen any of the games at all and login to the app to watch either full re-runs, highlights or just short clips - it's impossible to access any of the videos without knowing the scores because they are emblazoned across or along with the image or link you need to click.

I use Chromecast to send the image to my TV. If by some miracle I manage to click all the right places whilst barely looking at my phone, I'm still out of luck as the score is put up on the TV screen at the start of the video. It's stupid, I would watch a lot more if I could do so without knowing the scores.
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