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More Upload Speed My Way?

Is it at all possible to ask for more upload speed, I'm currently at 0.8 and I pay exceeding amounts for my internet on unlimited. The upload is unnaceptably slow as I wish to begin streaming, I cannot even go onto tinychat/skype cam my friends, which is absolutely horrible. Thanks.


I also have previously asked for assitance with prevention against DDoS attacks, Port Forwarding ETC and the support has been horrible, which is not what I expect from a company claiming to be the fastest internet.

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Re: More Upload Speed My Way?

Hi Chrisseh,


 1) please post adsl line statistics from your Homehub/router. see below for help on this.

2) Can you please run a BT speed test (including IP Profile) (not beta version)[Best done with a wired, Ethernet, connection] After Quick Test is done you need to click "Further Diagnostics" to get IP Profile.

ADSL Line Statistic Help:

 If you have a BT Home Hub like the one below...



 1) Go to or http://bthomehub.home

 2) click Settings

 3) Click Advanced Settings

 4) Click Broadband

 5) Click Connection or sometimes called ADSL (see picture Below)



The direct Address is http://bthomehub.home/index.cgi?active_page=9116 (for bthomehub3.A firmware ending in 1.3)

or http://bthomehub.home/index.cgi?active_page=9118 (for bthomehub3.A firmware ending in 94.1.11)



You will need to copy and past all the adsl line statistics ( Including HEC, CRC and FEC errors). You may need to click " More Details"


There are more useful links on Keith's website here: If you have an ADSL connection, please select this link



Don't have a BT Homehub/Voyager? for a netgear router and look for ADSL adsl statistics with information like noise margin and line attenuation, connection speed

• for a belkin router and look for ADSL adsl statistics with information like noise margin and line attenuation, Data Rate



jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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Re: More Upload Speed My Way?

it sounds like you are on ADSL2+ the up to 20mb download service 0.8 is a fairly typical upload speed for the service unless you were to change to a fibre service(Infinity) you will not get a faster upload from BT or any other ISP
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Re: More Upload Speed My Way?

Here is a basic guide to getting help from the community members done by CL Keith Please read through the link posted

once you have posted the information asked for then the community members can help you more

Thank You

This is a customer to customer self help forum the only BT presence here are the forum moderators

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Re: More Upload Speed My Way?

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Re: More Upload Speed My Way?

Your upload sounds about normal for adsl2/2+ and is as fast you will get unless you can get fibre. You may find that up connection speed reaches 1mb

Streaming requires download speed - what is your down connection speed? Post your adsl router stats

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Re: More Upload Speed My Way?

The upload speed is as fast as you are going to get with ADSL2+.  It tops out about 1.2M for an 18M download speed, and yours is very close to that.


That's the way ADSL is set up - more bandwidth is allocated to downloading than uploading.  There's no option to change it.

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