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Re: More email problems - same as other users

I have been accessing mail all day on my HTC Wildfire with no problems , in the last hour I am getting error saying unable to send with messages telling me my account settings are wrong, ive changed nothing , so is this a bug that exists  can moderators please explain.


I can log onto BTYahoo mail and there is noone at home using the PC,  I am still getting the pop up box on my PC asking to log into my mail accounts .  This is becoming very annoying , I cant see how this is a user problem as no settings have been changed so why am I having these problems .



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Re: More email problems - same as other users

I'm not sure if this is related to the previous posts, but I had a strange and worrying incident with my BT mail yesterday.


I've had the sub email account for around 13 years and used it extensively without any problems. Yesterday morning, when trying to log in at, I kept being told that my password was incorrect. I knew I was entering it correctly, and then noticed that my blackberry (which has the password stored) also couldn't connect.


I used the web chat service to speak to a BT member of staff who told me that my password had been changed that morning. I tried to explain that it wasn't done by me, and that no one could have guessed my password, nor have I used any public computers. When trying to verify who I was, I became even more concerned when the details for the primary account holder (my mother) did not match what was on the BT system.


Eventually, after a long time trying to confirm my identity, I was informed that my password had been changed to a word I've never used (something like "detected"). The BT staff member reset the password for me, and I was then able to log in.


I then checked the primary account email address and noticed that a few hours before, we had received an automated response to that address, informing us that the sub account had had a change of password. I have since updated the sub account password a few times myself, but the same email has not been sent to the primary address again.


Perhaps coincidentally, we updated our BT Broadband direct debit details with the billing department the night before this happened. I spoke to them after the incident and they told me that they couldn't help, and perhaps I should try restarting my hub (!). I then spoke to tech support in India, who also couldn't offer any explanation and said I need to speak to billing to see what happened.


I then used the web contact form to ask for any further details on this incident but have not yet had a reply from BT.


Whenever I change a password with a number of other sites, I get a confirmation email with details such as an IP address from where the change occurred. This unfortunately doesn't seem to be the case with BT, so I don't know if they log any such details.


The password I was using was very secure, no one else knew it, I didn't use it for other sites and I haven't used any public computers so I'm still worried as to how someone got access to my email account, and unfortunately can't seem to get any answers from BT.



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Re: More email problems - same as other users

Here we go again!!!


Yep, yet another customer who has the fabled "incorrect user name or password" error message.


Interestingly, in my case I managed to get in to reset my password but it didn't make any difference. I looked into the settings on my laptop only to find they were trying to point somewhere other than so I fized that and reset the password - but that didn't let me get my email.


This was all while trying to set up on Windows Live (Outlook replacement, apparently), so I tried to install Thunderbird, which I used for several years before replacing my laptop. Again, the automatic set up entered the wrong info so I manually entered and low & behold... IT WORKED!!!


This is where it gets a little strange:


I hadn't managed to set up my btopenworld email on my new iphone - not even when I copied precisely the same settings from my old iphone - and had as much joy when trying to set up my ipad two months ago. I gave up on those. However, an hour or so after seeing the 169 emails that were waiting for me on my btopenworld account, I opened up my ipad to do some other stuff and got an alert telling me that I had unread email on my btopenworld account.


Now how did the ipad get fixed when I had changed the password to something quite new to me, from my laptop?


And here we go again: while I was reading the new email on my iad, I got the "incorrect user name or password" error message flash up on the screen. I hadn't changed anything and yet it had managed to up date itself then revert back to the wrong settings.


The long and the short of it is that it clearly did not make any changes - BT/Yahoo! did. Is there any chance that the mods on here will EVER get the word through to somebody who cares? There is a problem that is affecting 10s, if not 100s of thousands of people. That's not on.


For my part I think I'll make a list of the organisations that have the btopenworld email address and let them know to change it. BT/Yahoo! can go "error code" themselves.

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