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More problems with Catch-Up TV


Posted a message yesterday about the unworkable service on Channel 4 and 5 YouView Catch-up service.  This evening we tried watching a BBC2 programme from yesterday via the YouView Box.  Although it was a lot better than C4/C5, you could see it buffering from time to time, and then after about 20 minutes, the screen went blank with the update worm circulating.  It never restarted and I found I couldn't scroll back or anything else.  It seemed to have hung up.  Had to exit by pressing the EPG button, which did work.  We decided to abandon the YouView box and used the Sony Internet TV facility instead.  As always, this worked without fault for the rest of the evening, in the HD setting.


Looks very much like BT have a problem with their servers coping with demand.  Since the Sony catch-up TV works OK through the same Internet access, the problem does seem to be somewhere in the infrastructure.


We're based in Fife (KY12).  And wonder if the quality of service varies from place to place depending on installed infrastructure. 


At the moment we are pretty dissatisfied with the BT product, as the only benefit over buying an HD recorder is the rather good EPG provided with YouView making it easy to record things in the future.  Most of the on-line service doesn't seem to work.  Can anyone from BT comment on these issues?

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