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Moto GP TV re-runs

Hi Everybody,


First post.  Having now done eveything to be able to watch moto Gp on line rather than tv,  as i am going to miss this Sundays daytime tv coverage. I now have to wait for a letter to come! Allow a week, come on BT.

Why oh why can't we go back to having a re-run of the race on TV later on, at least BBC and Eurosport did. Saves all the mucking around on line with it's problems.

Can't understand why Dorner ( spelling correct ? ) thought BT would bring in new viewers.  I feel sure the viewing figures have dropped. I suppose it's money as usual.

For me bring back Eurosport i could watch it with plenty of re runs in comfort all week, sorry BT.

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Re: Moto GP TV re-runs

But there *are* reruns starting with 22:15 tonight.  It is reruns of the quali sessions we need until they fix the recording bug.

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Re: Moto GP TV re-runs

I only got BT Infinity for MotoGP, so it's very important to me.



Great commentary team. Jules is the voice of MotoGP for me, Gavin's good, Keith's ok. (Jamie's good, Neil's ok, Toby was ok, Steve P is dull, James is not great, Melanie wasn't right, Matt is annoying, Cox is absolutely awful.)

Great picture quality for the video replays, much better than Eurosprout.



In the video section, why put the names of winners in the titles? It means I can't watch replays unless my wife 'sets them up' for me, and I rarely get to watch races live. This has caught me out a few times.

It would be nice to have highlights of qualifying in the video replays, again without spoilers in the titles.

In the evening, why show the races in reverse order? Moto3 is the perfect opener, I don't want to watch it last.

The last straw, Keith mentions who won Moto2/3 in MotoGP commentary, which completely spoils things for me.


Please BT Sport, remove the spoilers in titles, show the races in order or stop the commentary spoilers.

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Re: Moto GP TV re-runs

There is a "non-spoiler" page to bookmark which is what you need


Just checked and all this weekend's races are up to view.


I back your call to have the same service for the quali sessions, especially as yet again the buggy BT Youview service failed to record them.  As well as making them available on demand, an overnight re-run would be appreciated.  At the very least put a filler (non-series linked) programme in between the FP3 and quali coverage as I suspect this is what is triggering the recording failures.

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