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MotoGP races missing from TV app

Hi, new here so sorry if this has been covered..

I have BT Sport on Apple TV 4K justvfor MotoGP but I can't find some of this year's races. Example, I can find the Autsrian GP but not the Styrian from the week after.

But... the Styrian IS available on my BT Sport phone app.

Am I missing something on the Apple TV BT Sport app??

2nd thing, the races are grouped by location and not by year - and the descriptions don't say what year the race is from. Very confusing!!

Cheers all - any help appreciated!

🙂 Kathryn

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Re: MotoGP races missing from TV app

Styrian GP showing on my Android tablet app. And note that each event is showing three races, not just for MotoGP but for Moto2 and Moto3 as well.

I agree that the descriptions should include the race date as well as the track.

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