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Moved House - No Connection for over 2 weeks



I recently moved house and had nothing but issues with the Inifinity.

Basically I have ranged to no internet to a connection for maybe 3-6 hours then nothing for over 12 hours.

I have been on and off the phone to the call center and been nothing but messed around. For example, I was told an engineer was coming out on Friday so booked the day off work. Nothing. I phoned up to enquire why, and was told I would be phoned back shortly. 3 days later, no call.


Anyway, here is an example of my Hub log;



04:49:57, 23 Oct.( 87.590000) CWMP: session closed due to error: Could not resolve host
04:49:50, 23 Oct.( 80.650000) CWMP: Server URL:; Connecting as user: ACS username
04:49:50, 23 Oct.( 80.640000) CWMP: Session start now. Event code(s): '1 BOOT,4 VALUE CHANGE'
04:49:45, 23 Oct.( 76.490000) PTM over DSL is up
04:49:24, 23 Oct.( 54.610000) Lease for IP renewed by host HP4C7C33 (MAC 30:e1:71:4c:7c:33). Lease duration: 1440 min
04:49:24, 23 Oct.( 54.610000) Device connected: Hostname: HP4C7C33 IP: MAC: 30:e1:71:4c:7c:33 Lease time: 1440 min. Link rate: 52.8 Mbps
04:49:23, 23 Oct.( 54.410000) Lease requested
04:49:19, 23 Oct.( 49.720000) Lease for IP renewed by host DPS-​CN-​008 (MAC 80:56:f2:f9:ac:2b). Lease duration: 1440 min
04:49:19, 23 Oct.( 49.720000) Device connected: Hostname: DPS-​CN-​008 IP: MAC: 80:56:f2:f9:ac:2b Lease time: 1440 min. Link rate: 54.3 Mbps
04:49:18, 23 Oct.( 49.530000) Lease requested
04:49:18, 23 Oct.( 49.410000) CWMP: session closed due to error: Could not resolve host
04:49:18, 23 Oct.ath00: STA 80:56:f2:f9:ac:2b IEEE 802.11: Client associated
04:49:17, 23 Oct.ath00: STA 30:e1:71:4c:7c:33 IEEE 802.11: Client associated
04:49:10, 23 Oct.( 40.690000) CWMP: Server URL:; Connecting as user: ACS username
04:49:10, 23 Oct.( 40.680000) CWMP: Session start now. Event code(s): '1 BOOT,4 VALUE CHANGE'
04:49:09, 23 Oct.( 39.690000) CWMP: Initializing transaction for event code 1 BOOT
04:49:06, 23 Oct.( 36.890000) WiFi auto selected channel 44
04:49:06, 23 Oct.( 36.890000) 36-​92::40-​93::44-​92::48-​93::52-​91::56-​91::60-​91::64-​90::100-​91::104-​92::108-​92::112-​93::116-​93::120-​94::124-​95::128-​95
04:49:06, 23 Oct.( 36.880000) 5 GHz Wireless: Rescan, Reason: 'Power-​up'
04:49:06, 23 Oct.( 36.880000) WiFi auto selected channel 1
04:49:06, 23 Oct.( 36.880000) 1-​96::2-​96::3-​95::4-​94::5-​96::6-​96::7-​96::8-​97::9-​97::10-​96::11-​97::12-​96::13-​98
04:49:06, 23 Oct.( 36.870000) 2.4 GHz Wireless: Rescan, Reason: 'Power-​up'
04:49:05, 23 Oct.( 35.910000) WAN Auto-​sensing running.
04:48:59, 23 Oct.( 30.180000) System up, firmware version: (Type A)
04:48:56, 23 Oct.( 26.650000) WPA2 mode selected
04:48:56, 23 Oct.( 26.650000) WPS enabled
04:48:54, 23 Oct.( 24.860000) WPA2 mode selected
04:48:54, 23 Oct.( 24.860000) WPS enabled
04:48:45, 23 Oct.( 16.460000) System start 



1. Product name:BT Home Hub
2. Serial number:+068343+NQ54911766
3. Firmware version:Software version (Type A) Last updated 10/07/17
4. Board version:BT Hub 5A
5. DSL uptime:0 days, 02:50:51
6. Data rate:11997 / 39854
7. Maximum data rate:23839 / 69105
8. Noise margin:10.5 / 8.8
9. Line attenuation:18.3 / 15.3
10. Signal attenuation:18.2 / 15.3
11. Data sent/received:22.8 MB / 99.3 MB
12. Broadband
13. BT Wi-fi:No
14. 2.4 GHz Wireless network/SSID:BTHub5-FJNQ
15. 2.4 GHz Wireless connections:Enabled (802.11 b/g/n (up to 144 Mb/s))
16. 2.4 GHz Wireless security:WPA2
17. 2.4 GHz Wireless channel:Automatic (Smart Wireless)
18. 5 GHz Wireless network/SSID:BTHub5-FJNQ
19. 5 GHz Wireless connections:Enabled (802.11 a/n/ac (up to 1300 Mb/s))
20. 5 GHz Wireless security:WPA2
21. 5 GHz Wireless channel:Automatic (Smart Wireless)
22. Firewall:Default
23. MAC Address:84:a4:23:09:e9:60
24. Modulation:G.993.2 Annex B
25. Software variant:AA
26. Boot loader:1.0.0


Any help would be apprecaited, as if this isn't sorted shortly, I will be enquiring to cancel the contract due to the service not being provided.

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Re: Moved House - No Connection for over 2 weeks

Hi @vulcanraven01 and thanks for posting.


I'm really sorry you're having so many problems with your connection. Do the hub lights change when it drops? Are you connected to the master socket? Is there any noise on the line? Can you check that by connecting a phone to the test socket and dialling 17070?





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Re: Moved House - No Connection for over 2 weeks

If it makes you feel any better you are not the only one. I moved house on the 22nd of August. I am still with out any service despite several complaints and it being "escalted" which appears to mean nothing. An engineer came this moring to switch it on. I wasnt there but he told my wife the ADSL (which is all they would fit. Apparently you have to have that installed then start all the process again to move to infinity) would work straight away. It doesnt! They also fitted the new type master socket, but with out the filtered face plate. In the two months i have been with out any service BT have charged me £60. I ve actually given up phoneing them now. Its too frustrating. I am going to give them another week to sort it, and if it dosent swith on i am just going to order broad band through one of the suppliers that supply it via a dish. Two months!! Two Months though lol 🙂

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Re: Moved House - No Connection for over 2 weeks

Yes, the hub light turns solid orange. The hub will try to reconnect every so often, flashing green, then blue, then flashing orange, then solid orange.

Yes, connected to the master socket.

No noise on the line when connected to the test socket.

An engineer did come out the first week and said there was a fault with phone extensions and disconnected them. He waited for the hub to connect but it wouldn't. He couldn't stay any longer to wait so said it should take an hour tops. Nothing after that apart from the odd occassion where I will get a few hours connection then drop again to solid orange light on the hub.

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