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Re: Moved from Infinity 1 to Infinity 2 but no change


I’ve misled you slightly. I don’t have an ECI modem, I swapped it for a Huawei HG612 for the reasons you mentioned above. ( You jogged my memory )

Do you think I should just leave it alone for a few more days to see if the speed and line profile improve? The estimated line speed at the time of ordering Infinity 2 was 76-79 meg, so anything less than that is going to be a disappointment.

I still feel something is amiss, simply because I haven’t seen any change in speeds.

Kinda wish I’d just left it as it was at the moment.
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Re: Moved from Infinity 1 to Infinity 2 but no change

The estimate would have been 59-79meg. The data is pulled from the BT Wholesale speed estimations (which are given to them by Openreach).

Leave it alone for a few weeks and see if G.INP gets turned on. Do you know if your line is interleaved? There’s a command prompt you can use if you telnet into the modem, which gives out a much more comprehensive list of stats.
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