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Moved home but no Internet available

I contacted bt 2 weeks ago to notify them I was moving, I was assured on the phone that I would be able to access my wireless even though the house I have moved to doesn't have an active phone line and an engineer won't be out until August. Apparently if I have an account I can access it anywhere but I have no idea how. I work from home so my Internet connection is vital. I have plugged in my box which tells me wireless is working but none of my devises will connect. Can someone please point out what I'm missing here? Thanks
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Re: Moved home but no Internet available

if you don't have active broadband on your line then the router will nor connect to broadband nor the internet.


I think the reference is to the availability of BTFON/Openzone but it will need to be from another customers hub - if there are any around you they will apear on your wifi networks available.  you can login to BTFON with your primary btemail address and password

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Re: Moved home but no Internet available

Hi Pickledpip,


I think BT mean that if you have a BT Broadband Product then you can access any BT Wifi/ BT Fon / BT Openzone Hotspots.

The Wifi Hotspots are transmitted by other BT Home Hubs that are in the Fon Community and Business may have a BT Openzone Hotspt.


Look out for the following BT Wifi SSIDS



BTFon (changing to BTWifi-With-Fon)

BT Openzone-H (changing to BTWifi)

BT Openzone



Is your line not activated yet?

If it is not activated then your broadband will not connect and your landline will not work




jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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