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Moved house.Need to keep email

Hello.Hope some of you well versed users, can offer more help than customer service.

I sold my house in February.Ive rented a room in a shared property.The owner, uses Sky broadband.I can log into my BT account via the Sky.I need to retain my email adress that ive had for 15 years, as I use it for business,and many clients worldwide contact me from time to time.

This week,I recieved an invoice for BT usage AFTER I moved house.I quiried this with BT ,and they told me it was a glitch in system, and another invoice will be issued, but no payment will be required.

I was originally told by BT that my old mail adress would remain active, even if I didnt officially have an account.Apparently BT dont really care about old mail adresses, or acess to email server.

Just now, I have recieved an email stating that after I recieve final bill ALL services will cease including basic email.

Can anyone please tell me how to retain my mail adress, even though I dont have an account.Im more than happy to pay for this.Thankyou.

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Re: Moved house.Need to keep email

To retain your email address you need to purchase premium mail otherwise you account will be deleted

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Re: Moved house.Need to keep email

You should be able to have a "Basic" email account but you first need to take out a BT Premium email account and then downgrade.

BT Basic is limited in as much as you can not use it with an email client/app. It only works using a browser.

See link

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