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Moved into new build Dec 22, still waiting for FTTP. BT and Oepnreach are not communicating!!

Hi all,

I moved into my first house, a new build Miller homes property December 22. We are still waiting for our FFTP to be activated. I've rang, messaged, emailed, live chatted almost twice a week and sometimes daily for the past 3 months to both BT and Openreach and feel we're still no closer to getting able to order broadband.

Openreach say we need to contact BT and BT say they're still waiting for Openreach to send over updates. Needless to say it's be very infuriating and no one has any answers. To BT's credit, they've offered us Open Zone logins, but we live rurally and so don't get a very good connection and we also get regular updates from BT, all of which say a long the lines of "Your property is not ready to order broadband, we'll update you when we have any updates". We also get very limited mobile signal, so making phone calls or using mobile date has been difficult although we do get both at the very top of our house in specific spots. 

The latest has been our address isn't registered with BT, so need to ring them to add our address to BT. Surely this could have been done in the 4 months I've been calling and messaging?! BT have also said they're waiting for more information from Openreach. Gah! Why are the two not communicating?! What more can I possibly do in this situation if I'm doing all of the above? 

Does anyone know if there is anything BT can offer as way as apology or compensation for such a long delay that has no end in sight? Lovely offer of Open Zone, but we don't get signal so definately not compensations for us. We've spent around £40 in extra mobile date and will need to keep buying more. Ironically to contact Openreach, all contact avenues require doing so over internet, you can't ring them. I can see this easily being another 2 or 3 months, which is ridiculous. What makes me more miffed is our neighbours have moved in fairly recently and yet they've been able to order broadband, so if they can, then why are we unable to do so? Any excuses we've had such as "FTTP is new and takes time" or "Every case is different" seem a cop off considering our neighbours are able to order and they've been in some of them maximum 3 months and some minimum a few weeks. 

Does anyone have any advice on what else we can do to prompt this along? Anyone had to wait a long time for FTTP for a new build home? When you did manage to order BT broadband, did they offer compensation or did you need to push for it? On one phone call, I was advised they would offer a cheaper rate to us due to our wait. I was really hoping we'd be able to order and get the January deals that were on as they were brilliant, and there are deals now, but they're not great like they were January and Easter.

Any advice appreciated as I want to bash my head against a brick wall!!


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Re: Moved into new build Dec 22, still waiting for FTTP. BT and Oepnreach are not communicating!!

You have to deal with the FTTP directly. FTTP issues are not something forum members or the forum moderators can help with. You need to call  0800 587 4787.

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