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Moved to BT mobile and poor reception. Booster?!

Hi all,

I've just moved all broadband, TV and mobile to BT. Unfortunately the mobile signal is weak in our house. I called BT and they told me they couldn't provide a booster as they don't work if you buy broadband through BT (as opposed to EE).

No idea if the above is correct but I wondered if anyone could give me any advice?

For the record I've come from Talktalk mobile (Vodafone) and signal was OK with them.

Thanks all 🙂

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Re: Moved to BT mobile and poor reception. Booster?!

Have a check out on posts on this forum for signal assist.
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Re: Moved to BT mobile and poor reception. Booster?!

Hi Nick.

In answer to your questions, BT mobile have currently run a trial on a signal booster but it was only for a short period and for now the trial has ended. For most the signal booster which connected to the home hub worked for those with a BT or EE mobile.

Wi-fi calling is currently working its way to the network with no current release date, but should be sooner rather than later. If you have just joined BT mobile you’ll have a choice of sticking with it until they either start issuing signal assist boxes, wait until they roll out Wi-fi calling or cancel your mobile co tracts while in the cooling off period.

Either way I would call back and ask about a signal assist box so they it’s recoded in your account notes.
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