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Moved to a new property and Infinity cabinet delayed

I posted previously about moving to a new property where Infinity isn't available so unable to do the Home Move process for my current Infinity line.


I was extremely dissapointed to find that prior to me completing on the new property, the stated that the DSLAM cabinet and line would have Infinity available from March 2014. Two days after completing on the property I checked again only to find out that it's been delayed to December 2014!


After speaking to BT on the home move, they said they can provide me with a phone line and unlimited ADSL broadband @ £16/mth plus line rental, and expect speeds of between 4-8Mb/sec. I'm still tied in for another 5mths on my current contract and with the home move, BT have said that the contract will start again on 12mths. I mentioned the fact that I work from home and after discussing broadband with two of my neighbours, they are only syncing at 1.5Mb if lucky.


The Croydon exchange is 1.5 miles away, some Infinity DSLAM cabinets have been installed but the nearest one is half a mile away which doesn't provide coverage to my post code.


After some research, BT Openreach submitted planning consent to Croydon Council for a DSLAM cabinet in September 2010 which was approved to be alongside existing cabinets on a roundabout 300 yards away (cabinet 62 according to the DSLChecker site) Cabinet Location & DSLAM Cabinet Type. The cabinet hasn't been installed nor is there information as to why BT Openreach have yet again delayed providing Infinity to the area. I don't think it's down to the area being economically unviable since it's densely populated with a mixture of houses, multi dwelling properties including new builds and four schools within a quarter of a mile radius.


BT are unable to provide me with a clear answer and all I get back is that plans change every 3-6mths or the local council have objected to the cabinets etc etc, which is all a fob off as it was approved 4 years ago.


Furthermore, I'm not happy that I'd need to start a new 12 month contract if I'm not able to get the 'expected speed' of 4-8Mb as BT stated. They have said that if I do get anything lower then I'd be able to cancel the broadband but still be tied in for 12mths on the phone line.


The alternative, Virgin Media, have surprisingly said the property is unserviceable even though a mini CATV manhole is outside the property and VM cabinets are 20 yards away. The VM spotter who I spoke to said it was down to the complexity in cabling the property through the garden etc. So that option is out.


I'm very concerned that working from home will be extremely problematic if I only get a max speed of 1.5Mb/sec.


Does anyone have a contact with Openreach to find out the real reason why Infinity enablement is being delayed?




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Re: Moved to a new property and Infinity cabinet delayed

Openreach do not deal with the public only thrugh your ISP - even the nga enquiry line no longer works and all enquiries are referred by to your ISP

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Re: Moved to a new property and Infinity cabinet delayed

If the only barrier to your getting VM is cabling through your garden why not put your own ductiong in for them to use.


15mm water overflow piping will do fine for this.

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