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Moving Away Charges

Is it standard to receive going away charges when there is no physical way of transfering BT services to a new address?

- I gave my statutory notice

- I moved into a house that already has BT as a service provider (Phone and Broadband)

- I hadn't completed my 12 month contract but if i could i would have transferred the service

- I returned my Router but there is no record of this and the charge is still applied. How do I prove this? 

I understand the commercial reasons for holding people to charges but it appears there is  absolutely no leniancy when there is a genuine reason for disconnection and a genuine reason for not reconnecting. 

Finally do BT actually ever send letter out to confirm that we can't reach an agreement or is it just a rues to get the customer off the phone. I've failed on 3 attempts to recieve anything or are you sending it to the address where the account is held? I'm being chased by debt collectors because of this incompetance and all i need to do is contact the ombudsman to review the case. Just a reminder, i'm a BT customer. Please help or at least respond.


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Re: Moving Away Charges

This is a BT residential customer to customer forum. Your post does not go to BT. The only BT staff are the forum moderators who do not necessarily read all the posts.

If you did not complete your contract period or move it to the new address you will be liable for charges.

Even although you moved to a house that already has a BT service, which presumably was not taken out by you, or if it was, it is a different contract from the one you are being charged for, unless you moved your contract to that address you will be liable for charges.

As per the Terms and Conditions of your contract, the router is chargeable until you complete your contract at which point it becomes your property. If you do not complete the contract you are charged for it. You did not need to return it. It should only have been returned if you wanted BT to dispose of it.

As regards leniency to waive charges for a genuine reason. The reason you gave was because  the property you moved to already has BT broadband etc.  

If you check the Term and Conditions of your contract which you agreed to,  if BT could not supply your broadband etc at your new property that would be a reason however as there is already broadband there, BT could obviously have transferred your broadband/contract and completed their part of the contract but because you don't want it it is you who is breaching the contract and as such you are charged the fee.

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