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Moving Home, I have a problem with regard to my contract.

I am about to move home and sadly I am having to downgrade my BT Infinity 2 to Unlimited BT Broadband because Infinity is not available at the address I am moving to. I currently have 6 months remaining on my BT Infinity 2 contract.


The problem I am experiencing is BT are saying I will be placed on a new 18 month contract. This to me is incorrect as I thought my existing contract of 6 months would carry through.


I will add that when placing the home move order via telephone the lady couldn't seem to process the order and instead requested a new line to be put in the new address and an Open reach engineer appointment was booked. Now could this be why they are saying I will placed on a new 18month contract? I really should not need a new line as the current occupant of the address I am moving to does not have a problem with her landline and has her Broadband, Phone via SKY.


I do not fancy paying £16 a month for slow broadband (compared to what I have) for 18 months when it isn't my fault Infinity is not available at the new address. I would cancel all my BT services prior to move but then I would have to pay £155 to get out of my existing contract. I cannot win whatever I do.

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Re: Moving Home, I have a problem with regard to my contract.

sounds like the user of the line you are moving to has made no attempt to move their services from sky yet so BT cannot see the line is active
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