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Moving Home

Looking for some help please. We currently have our broadband contract with BT, tied in until November 2020.

We're due to move home in August, to a new build property that has FTTP. When trying to place a home move order online, the packages are completely different to what is offered to new customers, both in terms of price and the speeds on those packages (e.g. 300 & 900 mbps only appears to be available to new customers).

If we were to cancel our existing contract early, and pay any termination charges, we would hope to then start a plan as a new customer (under my wife's name) in order to get the better packages. My question is - if we cancel now, i'm assuming there is a 30 day notice period? What happens when our buyers move in and want to set up broadband? Would they have to wait for the 30 days to end before being able to obtain broadband and take over the line? 

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Re: Moving Home

Its best if the new owners raise an order now as a Working Line Takeover, otherwise they would have to wait for your line cease order to close.

If they do, you will receive notification that someone wants to take over your line. By letting that go ahead, your service will be terminated, and you will receive a bill for any cancellation charges.

There is nothing to stop you opening a new account at your new house, in your wife`s name, to take advantage of any offers.

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Re: Moving Home

One thing to note is if the new people don't move in straight away or decide to wait on ordering broadband, your account will remain live and you'll still be invoiced and/or be liable for any call usage they make.

If you're the account holder and can be validated to the highest level, you can cease in 7 days, you would still be billed for the full 30 days though.

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