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Moving House - Can't take UHD Channel

Good afternoon,


Apologies if this is the wrong section of the forum.


Situtation is as follows; I'm moving house next month, and i'm looking to move my tv and broadband with me. I'm currently on Infinity 1 with total entertainment, including the 4k sport (one of the main reasons I signed up). I tried to organise the move online, but was asked to call into the office as some of my products could not be transferred.


I rang through to the office who, after running a search on my new address, advised that I would not be able to have 4k sport at the new address, and would have to pay a £130.00 installation fee as there is not an existing line there. After some discussion, the handler on the phone signed me up to a new deal, some £17.00 more expensive then my current one per month, with less channels, but with the installation fee waived.


After a quick bit of research when I got home, I noted that under the terms and conditions of a home move, if BT is unable to provide me with the same products/services I currently have, the contract can be terminated early without penalty.


I rang up customer services and had a lengthy discussion about my options. They explained that yes, I could cancel the TV aspect of my deal as they cannot transfer this over, but as the internet and line rental is seperate, they cannot cancel it without penalty (frustrating, but understandable). Here's where it gets a little convoluted; the handler I was speaking to advised i WOULD be able to get the same internet I had now, Infinity 1, at the new address, but that this is not good enough for the 4k channels. I explained that I currently have infitnity 1, and the channels work brilliantly. After a lengthy discussion, the reasoning they gave me was that because there is not a line currently installed, they cannot guarantee the speeds that Infitnity 1 would achieves and that 4k would work, thus they cannot offer it. My point I tried to make to them was that if they install a new line and the internet is not quick enough to support 4k, they are no longer providing me with a product I originally signed up for. The handler in the office agreed with me, and categorically confirmed that if I were to carry my existing package over, pay the £130.00 moving fee (which I have no issues with paying), and get the line installed, I would then be elegible for a refund of this amount, plus the cancellation of my packagae should I no longer be able to receive 4k.


Has anyone had any similar experiences to this? Is anyone able to tell me where I stand? I have a feeling that should the above situation arise, BT will turn around and say 'You had Infinity 1 before, you've still got it now'. My response to that would be that I signed up for Infinity 1 because they advised I could get 4k with it. Now I know the handler in the office said she would note my file with our conversation, but I have little faith that this would actually mean anything further down the line; she even advised they could pull the call recording.


I'd point out again that I have no issues paying the £130.00 fee to install a new line. 


As a side, I've cancelled the order that the handler placed on the phone for me.


Cheers guys,



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Re: Moving House - Can't take UHD Channel

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.


I would expect that you would have to pay for Infinity 1, then if the line is not fast  enough, you would be able to downgrade to normal HD or  SD channels.


You really need to give 30 days notice for a home move, so it probably was not a good idea to cancel.


You would be best to call the homemovers team on 0800 100 400 and get your order placed. They are open Mon- Sat 8am - 8pm and Sun 9am - 6pm. Have your account number available when you call. 

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Re: Moving House - Can't take UHD Channel

Hi @robson98


Thanks for posting. It sounds like you are going around in circles here so the best thing is for us to take a look and see what exactly can be done. Send over your details by using the contact link in my profile and one of the team will then be in touch. 




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