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Moving House query, please help??

Right, i moved into my first home in March 2010, the phone line was not active when i moved in the flat, so i set up an account with BT, which included payin £100+ connection fee for the line. So i paid this, when the engineer came to test the line he said it was already working and didn't see why he'd been called out in the first place (which was strange) but i was still charged the £100+ for the service.


So anyway, been with BT a year now, but now i am moving house again and if there is no active line in the new house, will i have to fork out the £100+ connection fee all over again? Also, what do i do about the line in the old flat? Do i have to cancel it with BT. Because i presume when i ask for a new line to be installed in my new home that it will be a whole new contract?


I had O2 broadband at the flat and want to get it up and running asap in the new house, but before i can start the process they want to know when my new phone line will be active and what the phone number is. But surely i wont know this info until BT install a new line?.


Really really don't want to have to pay out another £100+ either, especially as im already a BT customer, times are hard as some of you may know, my other half relies on internet access for her new business she's starting. From past experiences getting a new line in a property can take upto a month (last time it took a month for an engineer to come out and test the line) We really need it done asap.


Whats the best course of action?


Thank you in advance, any info would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Moving House query, please help??

Hi I'm in the same situation, any help you get will help me.

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Re: Moving House query, please help??

You will have to pay the connection fee again, unless you take one of the bundle deals from BT (which it sounds like you don't want to do).


BT has a home moving team.  It's much easier to phone them and give them the details, rather than trying to cancel one line and start another.


Don't expect Openreach to install a new line in a hurry.  They don't do fast.

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Re: Moving House query, please help??

Hican you tell me how exactly do we cancel our landline as we will be moving abroad? I cant find out how to do that on the site.



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Re: Moving House query, please help??

There's only so much you can do on the web site.  It's sometimes easier just to phone 150.

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Re: Moving House query, please help??

The direct dial number for homemovers is 0800 100 400, it would be them you need to ring to stop your service or have it moved to a different address. In terms of the connection fee, you can double check yourself to male sure there is no line going to your new property by plugging a phone in and dialing 17070. If you hear a phone number being read back to you then you don't need to pay the fee, and if you hear nothing then you do. As mentioned, any customers that take a package with BT get free connection, and as an existing customer moving house you can normally get a preferential deal (try asking for unlimited BB and unlimited evening and weekend calls for a tenner).
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